Grocery shopping in NYC can become a chore, especially if you’re lugging cases or bottles of beers and wine back and forth from your car. We know that this can be a hassle.

So, we’re here today to give you a rundown of our top 7 picks to help you not only with your groceries but also with liquor delivered right in front of your doorsteps.



What’s best with them is they don’t charge price mark-ups with beer, wine, and spirits. You get to pay the retail price of your order, and the delivery charge won’t cost you an arm. Just make sure to order from stores around the city and, after an hour so, you’ll receive your order. You can also place an order head and schedule the delivery after two weeks.


Fresh Direct

Currently a staple name among delivery companies, Fresh Direct has been in the business for years. Order your groceries and include a bottle of spirit, or if you only need booze, order on their app with a $30 minimum order for booze runs.


Astor Wines

They have been in the wine and liquor business since 1946 and have stepped up their game with a delivery service. Place a minimum order of $150 to ship your items for free in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Dubbed as the neighborhood in your pocket, they have a dedicated page both on their app and website for stores with free alcohol delivery around the city. Choose from the more than 70 options, each store with their minimum order requirement.



What we love about these guys is their dedication to nip through the city to find the store you want, pick the items from that store, and deliver it to you in under an hour. Their delivery fee starts at 99 cents, or you can also get a year of free deliveries for only $99.99.



Complete your order with food and drinks, specifically alcohol, and place your order with Instacart. They have partnered with retailers in NYC to add more options to your grocery list!



Unlike other delivery services, Minibar can help you plan your party! They have a planning calculator you can use to, well, plan your booze night. Also, if you’re looking for a bartender for an event, they’re here to help!


So, stay at home, stay safe, and warm with your favorite local beers and wine now!

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