Veal is thin slices of meat that are common in almost all Italian recipes. The meat is tender and flavorful, and its versatility makes every dish prepared at home feel like a restaurant-ready.


Yes, you read that right, you can now prep meals and add veal to your home recipes, or you can also choose to reheat your favorite Italian meal with veal gently. This is because restaurants all over the city are offering takeouts of some of our favorite Italian food and here’s some of them:


In Manhattan, Parm has chicken Veal and to get a taste of the real veal experience, then order their Greenwich Village. For those who are craving veal Milanese, Caravaggio in the Upper East Side has one of the best.


Parma is another Manhattan favorite that serves both the classic veal Parm and breaded scaloppine. If you want your veal Milanese with a salad, then check out San Carlo Osteria Piemonte. Request the arugula and tomatoes with lemon vinaigrette salad on the side.


If you are in the Bronx, then we highly recommend Antonio’s Trattoria and Mike’s Deli. Antonio’s Trattoria has one of the best red sauce specialties around, and it includes veal Parm. For a different take, order a take out veal Parm sandwich at Mike’s Deli.


We also have two recommendations in Queens. The first one is Manducatis, which is one of the first Italian restaurants in Queens and serves both Milanese and veal Parm. You can also order pizza and a reliable veal Parm at Sac’s place to complete your Italian food cravings.


Staten Islanders, don’t worry because we also have a list for your veal Parm cravings. Angelina’s Ristorante is an upscale restaurant that serves breaded, pounded, and burrata and tomato topped veal Parm. But if you want a different take on your Cordon Bleu, then order your takeout at Vinum.


Last but not least, Brooklyn’s Gargiulo’s Restaurant, one of the long-lived and old school Italian restaurants in the area, is the to-go place for veal Parm.


Are you hungry now?


Are you looking forward to your veal Parm for dinner? Order early and get your meals delivered or picked up.

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