Smoking, as unhealthy as it can be, is an addiction for a lot of people. Tobacco addiction is one of the most common addictions in the world, and it can slowly ruin a person’s life either financially or through ruining their health. People even attempt to quit smoking but get drawn in again by the sudden urge to smoke.


Tobacco cravings are hard to stop; these cravings are sturdy and aren’t as easy to ignore as some may think. Remember, you’re in control, you aren’t at the mercy of these cravings, and you can resist them.


With every day that comes by wherein you tame your cravings and resist them, you are one step closer to quitting smoking entirely! When cravings strike, you’re going to have to be resourceful. Here are five ways you can resist the urge to chew on tobacco or smoke!


Have The Right Mindset


When you’re trying to begin your tobacco-free life, there will be times when you crave a cigarette and try to convince yourself that “it’s just one cigarette.” Deep down, you know that it’s not just one cigarette. Don’t try to fool yourself by saying so and breaking your clean streak!


One cigarette will lead to another and will lead to you having a relapse and using tobacco all over again. Change your mindset, try to delay the cravings every time you get them!

Every time you start craving, try to wait 10 minutes and do something to distract yourself. Tell yourself to wait ten more minutes and do something productive or go to a smoke-free zone to kill your mood, hopefully.


Nicotine Replacement Therapy


If it’s still your first month of abstaining from smoking or taking any form of nicotine, it’s going to be very difficult. The feeling of wanting to pop a cig or chew on tobacco will be intense, and some people relapse because they can’t take it. If you’re one of these people, you can try asking your doctor about nicotine replacement therapy.


Prescription nicotine, nicotine gum, or nicotine patches can help you overcome intense cravings and are generally safe for your health. Other options can be e-cigarettes or vapes with non-nicotine juice. These can be your training wheels or your crotch while you’re still starting.


Keep Your Mouth Busy


Cravings are intense, but you can distract yourself by keeping your mouth busy. Chewing on chewing gum or any other thing can help distract your mouth and taste buds while you crave tobacco. You can also chew on hard candy, sunflower seeds, celery, carrots, or anything that’s chewy or crispy so you can satisfy your craving.


Eating minty things can also help you if you’re used to having minty tobacco products. Keeping your mouth busy by chewing or crunching on food can derail your tobacco craving.


Identifying And Avoiding Triggers


Triggers can be everywhere. First, you have to identify what YOUR triggers are and effectively avoid them or look for alternatives. A common trigger for people with tobacco addiction is usually stress.

People hold on to cigarettes or tobacco as a form of stress-relieving when a deadline is coming up or when you’ve had a rough day. Try to look for something else you can do to relieve that stress.


Find Support – You’re Not Alone


When trying to overcome your tobacco addiction, know that this is a battle that you don’t have to fight alone. Go online to get support through help forums and a quitter’s blog. Hit up a friend and hang out with them, share some laughs, or ask them to help you out.


There are even support groups for people who want to quit addictions and hotlines that help you out in times when your cravings are too hard to ignore, and you cave in. Battling against addictions is difficult.


You don’t just decide to quit and instantly do it the day after. It takes time, effort, self-control, and a lot of dedication. But look into the future and think about how good quitting nicotine and tobacco will be.

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