Rice is a meal staple for people all around the world. This is mainly for all Asian households. A meal without rice isn’t a meal at all. It gives an empty canvas and amplifies intense flavors like meat, but it also helps fill you up quicker.


However, a common problem with rice is cooking it perfectly.having the perfect rice that is neither mushy and wet nor crunchy and dry.


If that’s what you want, let us help you by teaching you how to make the perfect batch of fluffy rice!


Cooking perfect rice every time

Clean your rice properly


Cleaning your rice helps remove any dirt and starch that makes your rice look cloudy and clump up. Washing the rice in a strainer is alright.


However, the most thorough way to wash rice is by putting the rice in a pot, drenching it in water, and running your hand through the rice. Then, you strain all the contents in a fine strainer and repeat at least three times!


The secret to perfect rice


As intriguing as it may sound, the secret is just using a kitchen towel. Putting a kitchen towel on the pot and sealing the whole affair with a lid is how you avoid getting soggy rice!


The towel catches the condensation that normally accumulates on top of the lid that rains down at the top of the rice after cooking it! Make sure that the towel doesn’t hit the burner though lest you want your house burn down.


Cooking the rice!


Turn the burner down on the lowest setting and set a timer for 15 minutes! Make sure not to get too distracted while waiting. When the timer goes off, turn off the burner and keep the lid on for another 10 minutes. No peeking!


After that, you have a bowl of perfect fluffy rice. Separate the grains in the pot using a fork and enjoy your meal.

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