Drive-in movies are only usually seen in old 80s films and are pretty much seen as a relic of the past. A large screen surrounded by cars that hold friends, families, and sometimes even lovers have become virtually obsolete. We already have online movie streaming sites and cinemas as a substitute as well.


However, drive-in movies have resurfaced, and a sudden boost in popularity has sparked the interest of thousands, if not millions of people worldwide. This nostalgic form of entertainment might be here to stay, as well.


If you want to experience nostalgia or have a romantic date you’ll never forget, let us help you! Here are four drive-in movie locations in New York City.


Brooklyn Waterfront Skyline Drive-In


This newly established drive-in movie spot is not to be written off if you want a place that you’ll never forget. Aside from the undeniable fact that there’s a selection of movies scheduled to play on each separate day, it also boasts the beautiful Manhattan skyline usually used in Fendi and Converse ads.


The view of Manhattan’s skyline alone is probably enough to tickle anyone’s fancy. Still, it also has multiple viewings of many movie classics that you’re not going to want to miss. There is a selection of food trucks as well, so you don’t have to eat beforehand or make a meal before you get there.


Don’t you have a car? Not a problem! Cyclers and foot traffic are also welcome! They’re also planning to provide outdoor seating soon enough.


Yankee Stadium Uptown Drive-In


This festival-like event is coming to the Yankee Stadium parking lot, and it’s a party that everyone is excited for. It is a drive-in movie event for every weekend starting July, but there will also be live concerts featuring local NYC artists to lighten up the spirits of New Yorkers!


Well-known and beloved street vendors from New York will also be serving a car side dinner service to remove the hassle of having to get food before the events occur! Giveaway, raffles, and other fun interactive events will also happen before, during, and after the drive-in movie experience, so be ready!


This is the perfect place to go if you want to experience a bit of fun with the family or a unique experience with a loved one.


Tribeca Film Festival Drive-In


From the people behind New York’s famed Tribeca Film Festival, a major drive-in series is currently being made possible to entertain the eyes of the people of New York. Because the Tribeca Film Festival is not likely to be held this year, they wanted to compensate by giving people a nostalgic once in a lifetime summer film fest in the form of a drive-in!


The event will be held every weekend (Thursday-Sunday), and it spans from July to August! The best part about this is that you have four venues and 2 locations to choose from (Long Island and The Bronx). And all of the screenings in The Orchard located in The Bronx will be free!


The films presented in the drive-in event will be ranging from classic films, new films, and films made by independent filmmakers! With each location being able to fit 250-500 cars, you don’t have to worry about finding a spot for you and your special someone.


Bel Aire Diner Drive-In Movie Theater


Situated in Queens and being open ever since 1965, Bel Aire Diner is now putting on drive-in movie nights for people who want a fresh hint of nostalgia while also having Bel Aire’s best food available. They’re using a 25-foot screen propped up reasonably high to make sure the viewing experience is as good as possible.


Around 25-30 cars can experience the authentic drive-in experience, but they must stay inside their vehicles! To ensure everyone has the best audio experience, they can tune in on an FM radio station and sync it with the flick. Although visitors can dine, they’re urged to order ahead of time online. They’re going to ask for the car’s color and plate number ahead of time to deliver it to you without any hassle!


Working in conjunction alongside Long Island Nights who specialize in creating these events, Bel Aire Diner is doing a great job of giving the best drive-in movie experience for people living in the concrete jungle.


So for those looking to find drive-in movies you now have four locations in NYC to go to!

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