Business websites are essential when trying to build up your public image and expand your reach. What you put on your business website dictates what you are as a company. Knowing what your website lacks and learning how to improve, it is critical if you want to be a successful business.


Especially during the new normal that has forced on us. This massive influx of daily users of the internet is something that businesses, big or small, should take advantage of through creating captivating and alluring websites.


Here are five ideas that can help your website improve and attract more clients!


Being Empathetic


Because of the pandemic, studies have shown that over 70% of people have picked up new habits to cope with the new normal. A lot of your future marketing ploys on your website should first revolve around putting yourselves on the customer’s shoes.


Put in mind the level of emotion that your clients are currently on and be kind. Being genuine and authentic is easy to achieve when you’re marketing empathetically.


Replacing Your Photos


As part of empathetic marketing, you’ll want to change the photos on your website entirely. This includes the banner photos and some of the pictures on your services page as well. This is important if you’re trying to transition into virtual services.


Having a banner picture of a group of people in a conference hall won’t send the right image of what services your company is providing.


Instead, by switching to images that clearly show your virtual services, it will fit in with the current situation with COVID-19 and give people the right impression regarding your services.


The Importance of Analytics


Finding out what visitors on your site is like and dislike is key to improving your website looks and functions. Google Analytics is an excellent way of looking at your statistics. On Google Analytics, you can see how long people are staying on specific parts of your site and where the majority of people are finding and getting redirected to your website.


Knowing which parts are struggling and barely catches the user’s attention shows you which part of the site needs improvement. Similarly, you can learn a lot by reviewing which sections get the most view of your website by seeing what people like about it.


Some people hire marketing agencies to track these stats and give them an analysis of what your next marketing move or website change should be.


FAQ – Educating Your Audience One Question at a Time


A big reason some business websites are more successful than others is that they provide answers to questions that most people have on their minds.

These questions can either be related to the service that they offer or, more importantly, answers regarding current issues that are currently plaguing the minds of both the audience and some of the employees.


An example of this is when you have a website for a local restaurant that you own. During the pandemic, the customer’s main concern will be their health and safety.


If you can put their minds at ease and answer questions about how you prepare precautionary measures for the pandemic, the influx of people on your site and inside your restaurant will skyrocket!


Optimizing Your Pages


Are you grabbing the attention of the audience through the metadata that you put on your website? Are the keywords that you have chosen attracting people into clicking on your website?


Thinking about and changing some of the things that pop up on your website in a search engine is more important now than ever!

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