Worrying is a difficult thing to control. It is a feeling we usually experience, especially during uncertain times. There are cases when we are eaten up by our worries to the point that we are immobilized.


To prevent this from happening, here is something that you can do to train your brain to stop worrying:


Learn to limit your worries


Worrying is a vicious cycle. Your natural reaction to worry might be to try to be in control as much as you can. However, with worry as your baggage, you might end up failing, instead. This failure can lead you to worry even more.


To break this cycle, learn to identify your stop-loss point – a limit you’d set for yourself when you’re going to stop worrying and just let it go. By placing your worry limit, you will be able to control your emotions and continue to work on the things that matter more.


Write down your worries


Thinking about your worries can lead to nothing. It doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to worry, but you should learn to do something about it. So, why don’t you write it down?


Writing down your worries is a simple exercise that can help you release the emotion. It’s like emptying your brain, so you feel lighter and less tense. When you write down your worries, you also acknowledge them.


This will help you be more analytic and see things from a broader perspective. It can help you be more in control and do something about the things that worry you.


This can help you pinpoint which among your worries are within your control and which are not. For things that you can do something about, start doing something about it. For things you don’t have control of, learn to let it go.


Make a plan about the worries you can do something about


Once you can identify the worries that are within your control, start making plans to conquer them. For example, you are worried about your finances. Then try to do calculations and adjustments with your budget and expenses. You can even set some short-term goals that are achievable on your chosen timeframe.


In this situation, you were able to address the cause of your worries, and you were ready to conquer it.


Interrupt your worry cycle


How are you going to do it? Do something that you enjoy doing. Do things that can make you feel productive. It will be most effective if you choose an activity that is closer to your heart.


If you enjoy reading books, then find your corner and enjoy reading it. If you enjoy doing exercise, find a routine, and follow it consistently.


By exercising, your body releases endorphins, which is known to relieve stress and boost your energy. If you love to bake, go bake those yummy goodies. Interrupt yourself from worrying and do something that allows you to control what to think and feel.


Doing something you love can turn your worry into something beautiful.

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