Most of us missed the great outdoors. Who didn’t miss eating at peace in our favorite restaurant, right? Just enjoying the good food, chatting with your people and no COVID-19 to think about.


While outdoor sitting is already allowed in restaurants, we just mentioned how, most of us missed it – which means people are competing for that seat just like you.


If you don’t want to be part of the cue, an outdoor picnic might be a good option for you, we have listed down restaurants who are offering outdoor picnic kits or supplies to make it possible so you can give them a call and enjoy a beautiful picnic spread.




This two Michelin star restaurant is ready to give you your picnic boxes for only $125 for two. You will have duck pastrami, chicken liver pate with loganberries, dessert, and fruits. You have to place your order at least a day before.


Location: 65 E. 55th St., between Madison and Park Avenues, Midtown East, near Central Park




Bubby’s fried chicken picnic package is also up for grabs. With only $100, you can have fried chicken, mashed potatoes, slaw, biscuits, homemade jam and four slices of their best-selling pie. This picnic box is perfect for a group of four!


Location: 120 Hudson Street, at the corner of North Moore Street, Tribeca


Ciao, Gloria


If you’re looking for a portion of lighter picnic food, then head to Ciao, Gloria. They offer breakfast cookies, coffee cakes and sandwiches. Perfect for an afternoon picnic in the park!


Location: 550 Vanderbilt Avenue, between Pacific and Dean Streets, Prospect Heights


Daoba Deli


For Indian food enthusiasts, Daoba Deli’s flatbread with potato, paneer and cauliflower toppings is perfect for your picnic boxes! This eat-to-go restaurant on the Upper West Side also offers some fresh juices. Call them ahead and place your order!


Location: 945 Columbus Avenue, between West 107th and West 106th Streets, Upper West Side


Who craves for some Italian food? Well. If that’s what you want you to have in your picnic box, then Eataly is the one to call. Their meats, cheese and fluffy focaccia can help you create a picnic spread of creamy cheeses and cured meat.


Location: 200 Fifth Avenue, between West 23rd and West 24th Streets, Flatiron


June Wine Bar


Who doesn’t love wine in their picnic box? We bet it’s no one. The best thing about June Wine Bar’s picnic spread is that it also includes hummus, harissa, flatbread, and olives.


All these plus a bottle of Sauvage Chenin blanc wine for only $59. Oh, and we forgot to mention, you can also add some sides like whipped ricotta, spicy mayo and poblano dip.


Location: 231 Court Street, between Baltic and Warren Streets, Cobble Hill


La Fondita


Pork ribs and barbecues, anyone? La Fondita, a Mexican restaurant, got you covered. They also have some tacos placeros and huaraches, a shoe-shaped masa vessel that allows you to choose your filling.

Location: 49-11 69th Street, between 49th and 50th avenues, Woodside


La Newyorkina

This Mexican-American ice cream shop expanded its menu with some picnic-ready meals. For only $125, your picnic basket will be filled with salads, empanadas, quiche, cookies and more! This serves around 5-6 people.


Location: 240 Sullivan Street, near West 3rd Street, Greenwich Village


We want to make your picnic as safe as possible, so here are some safety rules you should follow:


  1. Bring a large sheet so you can place the dishes apart and you can still practice the mandatory 6-meter alone physical distancing rules.
  2. Keep hand sanitizer or alcohol handy.
  3. Bring serving spoons. This is to ensure that you won’t be dipping your used utensils in the food.
  4. Bring your utensils as well. It would be best to bring disposable or biodegradable paper plates. Don’t forget the paper towels to clean up afterwards.
  5. Wear a mask when you are not eating. Only remove it when you’re going to eat or take a sip of your drinks.

Enjoy your picnic!

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