Face masks are here to stay. Wearing face masks in public is your first line of defense against the Coronavirus. It keeps you from touching your mouth and nose – two of the entry points of the virus to your body.


With surgical face masks being in demand for our health care workers, citizens are encouraged to protect themselves by wearing face masks. And since this covers the majority of your face, why not make it aesthetically pleasing, right?


Celebrities have taken the lead in wearing fashionable face masks with Fendi, Palm Angels and Marine Serre already making masks. Collina Strada and Hillary Taymour even made a tutorial video on how to make one at home.


But, if you don’t want to create one for yourself, we have rounded up fashionable face masks that you can purchase. Some of the stores are even giving back to charity.


Top 8 Trendy Face Masks


Here’s the list:


Little Mistress

Little-Mistress Face Masks


Little Mistress has this cute black mask with a rainbow painted on the side. They have collaborated with Kindred.co for their face masks. They even added a new antibacterial face mask made out of 100 percent Organic Cotton and the proceeds after cost would be donated to NHS Charities Together. You can buy packs of 3, 10, 20 and 50.



Boden Face Masks


Boden is not the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite for nothing. They have created face masks and recently launched a collection of masks on pretty patterns. They are made of soft jersey fabric – perfect match for your lovely dress!


Kurt Geiger

Kurt Geiger Face Masks


How about some loud and proud rainbow face mask? This is not just beautiful, and it’s a statement as well. It’s like protecting yourself and contributing to a cause as well. 100% of the profit will be donated to the UK Black pride until July 2020.



Casetify Face Masks


With Casetify “buy one, donate one” you do not just protect yourself, you can protect others, too. Every time you buy a face mask from them, a surgical mask will be donated to Direct Relief.



Mango Face Masks


Who wants some animal prints? Well, if that’s your thing, head out to Mango.com for their chic animal designs. They also have an all-black face mask and other variety to choose from.



Asos Face Masks


How about some floral prints? This 3-pack face mask from ASOS.com is just what you’re looking for. For every pack you purchase, a donation will be given to Oxfam’s Coronavirus Response Appeal.



Boohoo Face Masks


For some chic and fun designs, Boohoo.com has a lot in store for you! You can get them at affordable prices. We won’t judge if you get more than one of their cloth face masks!



Etsy Face Mask


Etsy has quite a lot of their cloth face masks. According to them, they got 2 million searches on their site between April 4 to 6. It’s also reported that face mask sellers have increased five-fold. They sure have a lot of designs you can choose from!


Protect yourself and protect others by wearing a face mask. You can save a life while still being fashionable. But always remember, wearing a face mask is not a substitute for proper hygiene and frequent hand washing, so keep doing both.

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