Giving children something to do, especially in the summer, seems incredibly tricky because of their limited attention spans. Sometimes it even seems impossible because of the introduction of technology and the internet that eats up most of their free time!


However, if you’re looking to make your kids do during the summer while also making them interested in food and how the food made, gardening may be the hobby that you’re looking for!


Parents tend to give children tedious work, though, such as hauling wheelbarrows or plucking out weeds, which kill whatever passion towards gardening that they may have had in the first place.


Gardening Activities with Kids


If you don’t want to lead them into a cycle of boredom again, here are some great gardening activities for kids of specific age groups!


Children Age 3-5


For kids around this age group, something that sprouts fast and doesn’t have many growing requirements will help with their short attention span and developing motor skills. Introducing gardening to them this early on will also help introduce them to the wonders of planting and taking care of plants.




This plant is perfect for toddlers since it’s incredibly low maintenance and doesn’t have any plating requirements. Arugula can even tolerate cold weather, which allows you to plant it in late winter!


They mature incredibly quickly, growing at around 45 days and sprouting in less than a week. Your toddler can track the progress and water it daily, and when it’s harvested, they can even try it out! This taste of achievement will be the first of many.


They may dislike the spicy taste but cook it into a dish, and they may love it even more because they grew it!


Children Age 6-8


As elementary students and children who recently learned how to read, they should choose the crop that they want to grow. Making them read the label and accept will give them their first taste of independence!


Try giving them the choice of these two plants and watch the spark of determination in their eyes as they choose.




Peas are quick-growing plants that are usually planted in spring—producing both edible vines and pods. Peas are incredibly versatile when you try to cook with them and taste good as well!


Choosing from different peas can be challenging, but the only tricky part about growing peas is maintaining them when they grow up to 6 inches long.

The work is enjoyable and straightforward, though, as children can play with the twine and learn to make knots with them!




These are the perfect summer crop if you’re planning to get started right now. Your kids can actively monitor the plant’s growth and progress, and the flowers have different colored petals that you can easily choose from!


They can even collect the seeds as a side project and use the flower heads as decor for their lemonade stands. Choose your kid’s favorite color and watch them get excited as the flowers sprout in a few months!


Children age 9+


For the older kids, choosing seasonal crops and plants that take a long time to mature isn’t bad. They already have ample patience and can follow through and grow the plants with little to no help.


They do have different preferences now, though, so you should give them a plant that they want to grow or give them a few options. Choosing less demanding plants is no longer needed since they’re probably ready for the responsibility!




Carrots need a lot of attention when growing and when harvesting rolls around. You have to work on many things such as thinning out rows so that carrots have room to mature and assess whether or not the crops are ready for harvesting.


Kids around the age of 9 can handle this workload if they are motivated to, though, so you don’t have to worry!




Sunflowers take an incredibly long time to grow fully, but it’s honestly worth it because of the height and beauty that shines through once they’re ready. Sunflowers have to be well maintained, and choosing the right sunflower to grow based on what you want (if you wish to the flower itself or sunflower seeds) can also be tedious.


Hope you gain some ideas in this home & gardening article Gardening Activities with Kids!

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