Due to the pandemic, most, if not all, restaurants and family-owned businesses have closed down temporarily. So why this post on 10 Chinese Restaurants in NYC? Statistically speaking, around 95% of restaurants closed because of the pandemic, and large brands and enterprises own most of the restaurants and food establishments open. However, now the situation has improved, and restaurants are beginning to reopen.


Reopening either because they’re forced to because of their lack of income or because they’ve properly prepared the precautions to start running again, what’s important is we can enjoy safe food that can comfort us in times such as this


10 Chinese Restaurants in NYC You Can Order Online Today!


If comfort food is all you need, nothing can beat the fast and yet homemade feeling of getting Chinese food? These restaurants are scattered all over New York from dumpling and noodle shops to old fashioned Cantonese shops.


To help you pinpoint which restaurant is best for you, here are 10 Chinese restaurants that you can order from right now!


The Handpulled Noodle


Known for their delicious noodles filled with Sichuan peppercorns, The Hand-pulled Noodle is one of many people’s favorite Chinese restaurants. The delightful kick you get from their noodle broth, and their lamb soup is sure to warm up anyone’s stomachs and make them crave more.


They also have four different flavored dumplings that come in steamed and fried variations. The fried ones are arguably the best dumplings in town, and you should order some of them online!


Atlas Kitchen


Initially aimed at Columbia University faculty because of where they were situated, Atlas Kitchen is known for its traditional Cantonese dishes and the Hunan and Sichuan flavors and recipes. The location itself is beautiful, with loads of different artworks on the walls.


Their steamed fish head with fresh chilies, steamed eggs in seafood, and stir fry are to die for, and you should try out the other menu items for yourself!


Grain House


With dishes based on the food that you would see in China’s capital, Beijing, Grain House is home to one of the best kimchi fried rice you’ll ever get to eat! The owner was originally from Beijing, so the flavors that you get are authentic as you can get.


Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao


As the name suggests, this Chinese restaurant specializes in Shanghai soup dumplings or bao for short. They opened reasonably recently and moved to Prince Street. They have loads of different flavors available, and they also come in different rainbow flavors!


Alley 41


Despite not looking like the Sichuan restaurant that it is, Alley 41 is perfect for a late night out with friends. It has all the classic Chinese restaurant dishes, but they also have different invented dishes and even bar snacks! You’ll be sure to enjoy your time in this fun-filled restaurant and enjoy their food by ordering online as well!


The Best Sichuan


The restaurant’s name isn’t a joke, and The Best Sichuan excels at the type of food that they cook and sell while also adding regional dishes and Chinese-American twists to the dishes. Their Dan Dan noodles are divine with just the right Sichuan peppercorns to give it that iconic kick without being too spicy.


The menu is vast, and it covers most meat, even going so far as to serve up lamb. They also have vegetarian options if that’s what you’re looking for!


Golden Woks


Golden Woks closed down for two months and came back stronger than ever. Serving their iconic beef chow fun and different types of Chow Mein, you’d be a fool not to try them out! They also have Sichuan, Hunan, Mandarin, and even Thai dishes available.


Golden Steamer


A great place to go to after a shopping or grocery spree. You can quickly relieve your stress and hunger by ordering their baked and steamed bao in different variations. They even have bao that has hot dogs, chicken, and choy sum!


The food prices are reasonably inexpensive, and you can buy tons of them to bring home to the family by ordering online!


Great Wall


The best provider for the best authentic and old fashioned Cantonese dishes lies directly on the train stop at 181st street. They also sell Chinese-American dishes such as General Tso’s Chicken and sesame chicken for those who’ve been craving those ever since quarantine started.


You can buy their food online, and you can get free delivery if you live within ten blocks of their restaurant!


South Of The Clouds


Soft and supple Yunnan Mixian noodles became a hit in New York a couple of years ago, and ever since that happened, many restaurants tried specializing in dishes that highlight this. This restaurant, in particular, not only has delicious noodle dishes but also has reasonably low prices!


10 Chinese Restaurants in NYC


In 10 Chinese restaurants in NYC we map out the places you can order all of their dishes and side dishes online!


Know other Chinese restaurants in New York City that we can add to our next article? We hope 10 Chinese Restaurants in NYC You Can Order Online Today keeps you eating good in NYC!

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