In this post, Amazon Prime – Our Top 10 Favorites, we dial in on what we feel should be on your must watch list. With the plethora of choices for you in Amazon Prime, you might be at a loss on what to watch first. They are stacking up more content to keep you entertained. They have imported shows from other countries so you can watch it in the US and they even have some exclusives for you.


Now, where to start?


Amazon Prime – Our Top 10 Favorites


Here are our top 10 picks for you, and what we feel you should be watching on Amazon Prime.


1. Mozart in the Jungle


How about we bring Mozart to the modern-day and let him stay in New York? Well, stop imagining that because Mozart in the Jungle will show what’s going to happen. We don’t mean this literally, but we can tell you that this comedy-drama is quirky and fun! Hailey, an upcoming oboist, meets Rodrigo, like a conductor who is tasked to revitalize the New York Symphony. See how the story unfolds when the world of strings intertwines with sex, drugs and rock and roll.


2. The boys


We’ve always glorified superheroes, but The Boys have a different narrative _ with antihero vigilantes trying to seek revenge against because they are hovered over by their corporate overlords who cover up their shady personal life. When we say shay, this includes sexual harassment and assassination – so yes, we need antiheroes in this case.


3. A very English scandal


Hugh Grant and Ben Wishaw involved in a sex scandal in the UK Parliament? That sounds like an interesting watch! This scandal is about Jeremy Thorpe, a Liberal of Parliament, trying to save his career from his unhappy ex-lover, Norman. Things are exciting with this murder conspiracy, big trial and media scrutiny! Thanks to Russell T. Davis for this darkly funny treat.


4. Transparent


How would you feel when you’ll know that your father is transitioning into a woman? The Pfefferman sibling’s story will help you relate to that when they discovered that their father is already named “Maura.” The struggle is portrayed in a comedy-drama approach, making it relatable to everyone.


5. Homecoming


Homecoming Season 1 was Julia Roberts’ small screen debut. The story is about an army rehabilitation facility with shadowy owners. This psychological thriller implores a compelling narrative of two timelines that will increase your tension and paranoia – all to discover the real purpose of the facility. Get ready for one mind bugging adventure!


6. Undone


What if you can manipulate time? We’ve seen a lot of series or movies like that, but Undone is unique because it uses the Rotoscoping anima technique. A woman named Alma had a near-fatal car accident, and that’s when she discovers that she can manipulate time. Her dead father asks her to help investigate his murder. Who murdered his father> you need to find out!


7. The tick


Can you imagine a tick being a hero? If you can’t, then someone else did and you can see that image come alive. Geared in a bulletproof blue tick suit, the Tick is funny, fast-paced and “colorful.” Of course, he has a sidekick! Guess who? He has Arthur, who wears a moth suit! Follow their adventures as they fight off their nemesis, The Terror, a supervillain in the underworld. If you want to destress and have fun, this is the series to watch!


8. Sneaky Pete


The thing here is that our main character is not Pete; he pretends to be him. And that’s where all the adventures and misadventures began. Marius is a con man who walked out of jail after he assumes the identity of his cellmate Pete. He went back to Pete’s estranged family and is being hunted by a gangster he once robbed. See hoe “Pete” cons his way out of trouble with each addictive episode!


9. Bosch


This story follows Los Angeles detective Harry Boscg in his pursuit to know the real story behind his mother’s death. He keeps his family safe while catching serial killers – a right amount of intensity that will make you leap off your chair.


10. The Terror


This horror anthology series features Japanese folklore. When Jared Harries chartered into unchartered territory in his Arctic exploration, they ended up being stuck on ice. Trying to battle against deteriorating conditions and cabin fever, they are joined by an unknown presence – enough to give you chills and thrill while watching.


Do you feel we should have included other picks in our Amazon Prime – Our Top 10 Favorites post or future Local NYC trending news?

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