Whether it be tomorrow or when the pandemic finally subsides, we all need a break. And sometimes, having quality alone time in your apartment isn’t enough to fully rejuvenate you and make you relax. This is when going on a trip is incredibly useful!


Going on a trip is not just fun, but it also helps you bond with the people you love as you share new experiences in a different environment. With that being said, trips outside of the country or embarking on a cross-country road trip can be expensive or too time-consuming.


Take a Road Trip from NYC – Here are our Top 8 Picks!


If a road trip is all you want, you’re less than 6 hours away from these 8 locations around NYC. So let’s get into these destinations including in this travel blog post!


The Berkshires, Massachusetts


If you like areas encapsulated by dense forestry and riddled with lush forests and rivers, this is your best bet! Only around 150 miles from NYC, The Berkshires is a beautiful place to unwind and relax with mother nature by your side! With plenty of areas to see character interact with you, it’s no doubt that this area is famous.


Moe’s Tavern is a great place to sip a cold one or enjoy a whiskey and other brews on the fly!


Philadelphia, PA


With art everywhere you look, Philadelphia is the city you want to go to if you’re going to be in awe of different forms of art exhibits and street art! It’s only 90 miles from New York, and yet the difference in the culture and the areas are so apparent!


Visiting Independence Hall, the place where it all began, is also an excellent step back from everything that’s been happening recently.


Cold Spring, NY


On the boundary of New York City, a small city with an incredibly gorgeous riverside hamlet can be seen where all of your problems seem to melt away simply. A pretty little way from home being around 60 miles from the center of New York, but it’s perfect if you want a short trip to relax.


They serve fantastic food as well at River Market Bar and kitchen! The ingredients are freshly caught locally, and they serve food right by the river if you want that scenic view.


Cape Cod, MA


If you’ve missed the bright blue waters of the sea but don’t want to travel too far to see it, a trip to this sea-worn city is your best bet. Although you probably can’t enjoy a day of swimming, you can experience a fishing trip like no other! This is because these waters house a lot of different species of fish that you can catch.


Go ahead and visit Angkor Restaurant as well if you have the time. They serve Cambodian dishes that are to die for!


Lake Placid, NY


If you’re trying to escape the summer heat and experience the lakeside, then you won’t regret coming to Lake Placid! A small village named after the Lake nearby, saying that this place is beautiful almost feels like an understatement. The air is fresh and going on a retreat here with your partner is a perfect way to spend a trip together.


The scenery may be the highlight of the trip. However, Lake Placid also has a plethora of different restaurants such as The Smoke Signals that serves delicious American classics!


Alexandria, Virginia


Pastel-coloured buildings, streets laced with cafes, cobblestone streets, this place seems like it was ripped straight from a chapter of a romance novel. The beauty of Alexandria in Virginia is the antique feel of the area and how romantic the place is overall. May you be coming here for a lover’s retreat or visiting alone, this place has different wonders that you can enjoy fully regardless!

If you come here, don’t forget to visit the Torpedo Factory Art Center or you’ll be missing out!


Bar Harbor, Maine


The mountainside and granite cliffs and the heavy emphasis on the rugged feel of the city, that’s what it feels like to be in Bar Harbor. The streets are reasonably quiet, yet the place feels incredibly lively at the same time. If all you need is a place to relax and unwind, Bar Harbor has tons of shops and even a brewery where you can drink till your heart’s content!


Stowe, Vermont


If you’re the adventurous type, then you will love this place. Vibrant green fields paired with maple and yellow birch trees, this place is full of energy! You can run around and enjoy the city, or you can go kayaking and canoe out in Lake Elmore.


You can also get the cosiest meal you’ve ever had if you drive west and visit Dalem’s Chalet!


So we hope you were motivated to venture out of New York City after reading Take a Road Trip from NYC!

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