Netflix Movies 2020: COVID is the word of the year for 2020, but Binge Watching and Netflix are the next most relevant words. Nobody saw it coming, and enough, nobody foresaw how it would be so hard to deal with the boredom that came with staying at home.


2020 has been a mess, and you’ve probably already gone through a lot of classic films. Now you’re looking for new and exciting films that will get you through another quarantine week, and we’re here to tell you that you’ve found just the right article.


Netflix Movies 2020 – What to Binge Watch


Here are 7 new Netflix Original Movies you have to binge-watch in 2020:


A Secret Love


This moving documentary film about two women being in love in a time where it wasn’t openly accepted, holds its ground as the first to appear in our list. A-Pro Baseball player Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel hid their love for over seven decades, and for the most of its entirety, they kept it secret.


Featuring all the spectrums of prejudice and hardships they had to endure throughout the years and the love that they shared through it, this Netflix Original is one for the ages and bound to leave a space in your heart forever.




Being one of Netflix’s best-reviewed original dramas of the year, Uncorked is one you definitely shouldn’t overlook. Niecy Nash and Courtney B. Vance, along with other talented actors tell the story of a young man caught in the middle of his family expecting him to take over their barbecue restaurant in contrast to his dreams of becoming a sommelier.


The Old Guard


This Netflix original, based on Greg Rucka’s acclaimed comics and directly by Gina Prince-Bythewood, has been on Netflix’s trending category for almost a week now.


A superhero film follows a group of immortal warriors who have fought for humanity’s sake for the present. We follow the story of ancient warrior Andy (Charlize Theron) and rookie Nile (Kiki Layne) in a film that perfectly balances action and emotion. Who doesn’t love to act with good writing?


Da 5 Bloods


This brilliant film by Spike Lee, director of Oscar-winning BlackKklansman, features four African-American Vietnam War veterans on an adventure to find the body of their leader Stormin’ Norman, played by Chadwick Boseman and the treasure they left behind.

This Netflix Original sheds light on the much deserved and ignored Black veterans’ stories in the Vietnam War. A must watch if you’re looking for something new and exciting. Quite possibly, one of Spike Lee’s most well-done works.


The Half of It


This movie is the opposite of what a classic is. A fresh take on growing up and maturing, The Half of It is the perfect coming-of-age film for the newer generations.


Binge this and find yourself absorbed in the story of Friendless student Ellie Chou living in Squamish, a small and remote town where she makes extra money writing homework papers for her fellow students. A must-see if you’re the Rom-Com type.




Another Will Ferrel movie that’s frivolous, stupid, fun-filled, and have we mentioned stupid? This comedy movie with weird European singalongs, murderous elves, and a person who looks exactly like Will Ferrel in a blonde wig with a terrible, barely noticeable Scandanavian accent makes fun of. Americans are the perfect getaway movie that will take your head off the very stressful times we’ve been having.




Last but not least, on this list, Sam Hargrave’s new action-packed film Extraction has been quite the attraction grabber the following weeks after being released on Netflix.


Resident Hunk and the God of Thunder Chris Hemsworth finds himself playing Tyler Rake, a professional mercenary plagued by mental issues and alcohol in a rescue operation of a powerful and influential drug lord’s Son from the rival drug lord. Because a sequel has already been confirmed, this is one you should be enjoying.


What do you think of these trending Netflix Movies 2020?

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