For the people who have been working out in their homes for most of their lives, having gyms and fitness centres be shut down because of COVID didn’t affect them much. Though working out without gym equipment feels weird for some people, it doesn’t take much for you to adjust. Here are our Zoom Exercise Classes at Home – Our Top Picks!


With the new regular rolling around and slowly becoming part of our daily lives, video conference apps such as Zoom have been dominating the landscape. With many of our daily activities such as work, meetings, and classes being held on the platform.


However, what you probably haven’t heard of is the recent availability of Zoom workout classes. Let us introduce you to the seemingly strange idea of Zoom workout classes, why you should try them out, and which classes you should pick!


Zoom Workouts – Are They Any Good?


Zoom workout classes are just that, workout classes that are conducted through Zoom. You can either have a private session or a group session, depending on how comfortable you are with other people.

These classes make you work a lot harder than you usually would if you were alone and having the company of another person motivates you and pushes you to do better. Following a routine instead of making one up is also a lot more efficient if you want a proven and tested one instead of a possibly unbalanced routine, you made yourself.


Tips For Your First Session!


For your first workout session, we advise using the gallery view for introductions and using speaker view once the workout starts. That way, you can focus on and follow the routine correctly. Next, make sure to mute your mic so that you don’t disturb your group. Lastly, make sure your camera is on because it’s motivating for other people to see that they aren’t alone (turn it off if you’re feeling conscious).

Make sure to stay calm, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and clarifications!


Notable Zoom Classes That You Should Check Out!




If you want to get lots of cardio and work up a sweat through a playlist and lots of dancing, DanceBody is the class for you! Although you can make do with the playlist that is provided to you by the class, you can also request a one-on-one session for a more personalized workout routine.


The schedules are very flexible, and the pricing is variable!


Love Yoga


If you want a slower-paced workout routine that is focused on stretching and clearing your mind, Love Yoga may be the perfect class for you. They offer workouts with varying difficulty and length, and the classes are great as a pre-workout or post-workout as well!


The relaxing atmosphere makes it easy to de-stress while making you lose calories at the same time. They have a schedule online, and they stream on PST, and the classes are relatively cheap too! You can get unlimited access to classes for $90 a month, or you can test out the waters for $6 a session.


Jabs By Gina


A workout routine inspired by kickboxing, Jabs by Gina has quite the following in NYC and offers a selection of workouts. From strength training to cardio and even a combination of both. The class motivates you to give your all and push through the fatigue!


You can even choose classes focused on specific muscle groups, so the choice is really up to you. The class starts at $5, but the pricing varies. They have a schedule posted online too if you want to check them out!


Barry’s Bootcamp


This one for bodybuilders and people who want to have an intense workout. Some of the workouts do have their classic format on the original gym so you’ll need a treadmill at home so you can join. However, they do offer classes for bodybuilding and specific equipment as well, such as dumbbells, bands, and other forms of weights!


These classes are conducted by professional trainers and coaches and are fun despite how hardcore the workout sessions are. They have a schedule posted online, and the pricing starts at $20. You can try out one class and see if you can handle it, then, you can save money by buying their packages instead!


Zoom Exercise Classes at Home


So if you were wondering how to start working out at home, we hope this fitness guide on Zoom Exercise Classes at Home will help you get moving!

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