Want to know our favorite NYC fried chicken takeout? Whats yours? Fried chicken, the go-to comfort food for people all around the world.


Loved by literally everyone, this golden-skinned and juicy delight is a dish that almost everyone has tried at least once in their entire lifetime. In New York City, it’s impossible for you to visit without tasting at least one of the many variations of fried chicken in the city.


The comfort that chicken brings to our hearts is what we need, especially during the pandemic. Feel your uncertainty and anxiety disappear as you bite into the crispy skin and juicy flesh of a spicy fried chicken sandwich or just a regular drumstick.


Our Favorite NYC Fried Chicken Takeout and Outdoor Dining


Here are our favorite NYC fried chicken restaurants that are available for takeout and outdoor dining!




Jollibee is a Filipino fast-food chain that has been in Woodside, Queens, for quite a while now, but their branch in Manhattan just opened in around 2018. Their fried chicken is excellent if you consider that this is a fast-food place and their chicken also comes with a lot of sides!


They have a sweet variation of spaghetti that has cheese and hotdogs, which pairs well with their chicken. The dessert options are also phenomenal, and you should check them out too!




Getting a fried chicken sandwich isn’t that hard in New York. Any restaurant that serves fried chicken has an option for a sandwich variation of it as well. However, why would you settle for a decent chicken sandwich from Popeyes when you can go to Rahi and have your taste buds go on a field day?


Rahi’s spicy fried chicken is notches above the rest. Served between two brioche buns, the spicy masala covered chicken is crispy and juicy at the same time. The mint and pickle mayo complement the spiciness of the sandwich and the fried onions pull everything together. This smooth symphony of flavors, when paired with spicy fries, makes the orchestra complete.


Perry Street


This classy looking restaurant with a perfect view of the Hudson River has a reputation for making incredible chicken. They serve the chicken in smaller pieces than most restaurants. However, it’s perfectly breaded and is complemented by a fruity and tart Scotch bonnet sauce and a ring of wild rice. The presentation is spot on!


Their menu items are all available for pickup and delivery, so go and grab this if you want a classy lunch or dinner!


Junzi Kitchen


One of Junzi Kitchen’s specialties is their General Tso’s chicken. The Asian flavors mixed with the classic crunch of American fried chicken is divine, and the sweet and sour sauce and stir-fried broccoli help the meal become more filling and more flavorful.


The Izakaya


This tiny cafe located in East Village has an incredible Japanese style fried chicken. The boneless thighs marinated in sweet soy and fried to perfection is a classic. However, opting for the chicken Nanban may be the best compromises you’ve ever taken. Tempura style fried chicken breasts smothered in thinned mayo sauce, and a bed of slaw is incredibly refreshing and delicious!


Saigon Social


This Lower East Side home for exquisite Vietnamese comfort food is a restaurant that you shouldn’t skip on! Their spicy fried chicken sandwich will blow your mind and make your mouth tingle with pleasure. The portion size of the chicken thigh is enormous, and the sandwich itself is stuffed with pickled jalapenos, pickled vegetables, and lime leaf aioli.


You can have tater tots on the side too, and they prepare your stomach for what it’s about to go through before you take your first bite of the chicken.


Palace Fried Chicken


One of the more shockingly inexpensive chicken dishes on the list, Palace’s Latin American flavors shine through this large cut of chicken. With just a touch of paprika and a few sprinkles of garlic powder, the taste of the bird lights up in a red-ish tint!


The free biscuits on the side are pretty good too!


Pelicana Chicken


Last but not the least, the self-proclaimed king of fried chicken offers both boneless and bone-in chicken meals that’ll make you drool just by looking at them! This Korean restaurant chain prides itself on its chicken who’s flavors range from classic, soy, crispy, and spicy.


The assortment of dipping sauces complements the chicken almost too well, so make sure you try out all of them!


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