Whether you want to learn social media or digital marketing to manage and grow our own digital marketing campaigns, or you want to hire the best social media marketing agency, here are 10 Social Media Calendar and Tools Every Business should Use!


By now, it’s already a given fact that social media is the new mecca of online marketing. It has become a must for businesses to engage in different social media platforms so they can reach out to their audiences.


Different social media platforms entail different approaches; thus, one-size-fits-all kind of social media content will not be useful. To help you manage all your social media postings, you can make use of social media calendars, or you can always reach out to a local social media marketing agency in NYC for help!


10 Social Media Calendar and Tools Every Business should Use


We have listed online calendar applications that can help you schedule and plan. But first, allow us to convince you why you need a social media calendar.


1. A social media calendar allows you to plan – for weeks and even months. This will enable you to strategize and categorize your social media postings in advance. It can be time-consuming to search and think of contents every day; this practice is known to be a productivity killer.

2. A social media calendar allows you to customize the same message for each platform based on the audience profile in it.
3. A social media calendar allows you to track and analyze the performance of each post that will give you a meaningful insight for future posts ahead. Through this, you can identify which posts performed better and capitalize on those.
4. A social media calendar allows you to plan for holiday and observance days and will help you create content that can tailor fit to those days.
5. A social media calendar allows you to improve your efficiency since it enables you to organize your content.

Now, let’s check out the online calendar apps you can use.


1. Microsoft Excel Downloadable Template Content Calendar


You can download this Microsoft Excel social media content calendar template. This has been customized already and will allow you to easily plan out individual social media posts for each social media platform. It has different tabs like the Monthly Planning Calendar Tab, Content Repository Tab, Social Network Update and more to allow you to manage your posts better.


2. Google Drive


You can use Google’s Calendar to lay out all your social media related contents. This will allow you to work together with your team with ease. Since this can be accessible to everyone, it will be easier to track schedules and coordinate with each other regarding tasks.


3. Loomly


If you are looking beyond social media content management, then try Loomly. It allows you to post inspiration and ideas and help your team create content. Aside from that, it enables you to manage your content assets, schedule your posts, view them in both list and calendar view and even help you analyze.


This is also a useful collaboration tool you can use with your team because it allows you to submit mockups, give comments, and provide approval.


4. Trello


Trello’s versatile assignment cards and customizable boards and lists are perfect for effective team coordination. It allows you to prepare to-do lists, manage your content calendar, plan for a social media campaign, and even do some brainstorming.


5. Evernote


Evernote is a note-taking app that allows you to make yearly, monthly, weekly and even hourly logs making it easier for you to track the contents you are scheduled to publish in social media.


6. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a built-in Planner tool that can help you release your social media content in advance. It’s also a useful tool for group coordination and allows you to give approvals. One of its features will enable you to curate content without the need to log in to your account.


7. Agorapulse


Agorapulse has features that will allow you to schedule or reschedule, queue and upload bulk photos. This tool is perfect for those who plan their social media content monthly or quarterly.


8. StoryChief


StoryChief’s unique feature is that it allows the social media manager to assign collaborators their tasks and filter social media campaigns. They also consider their tool as a “content distribution platform” that merges analytics and publishing in different social media channels.


9. ClearVoice


ClearVoice makes editorial management easy because of its task management features for both internal and external collaborators. It allows you to create, edit and approve projects related to your social media campaigns.


10. Zerys


Zerys offers features such as content planning, production, publishing, promotion, conversion and analytics. It also allows you to handle unlimited content projects and has an integrated calendar for deadlines so that you won’t miss them.


10 Social Media Calendar and Tools

If you’re looking for more social media tools to help you grow your business you can always reach out to a local social media marketing agency in NYC. Understanding how to leverage social media is critical to outperforming your competition, and enhancing your brand presence.


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