“What happens next?” That’s usually the first question that comes to your mind after your divorce. Most individuals wouldn’t even know what to do if ever their marriage doesn’t turn out to be sunshine and rainbows throughout. But sometimes, two people don’t match, and divorce becomes inevitable.


May you and your partner have differences that you can’t overlook, one of you was unfaithful, or the marriage didn’t work out, divorce is one of those facts that we have to accept. Many people hole up and think they’re bound to be alone for eternity. However, with a few adjustments and loads of time, you can get back into dating full of excitement and expectations!


5 Dating Tips After Divorce


Here are five dating tips for people who want to get back on the market post-divorce!


Reflecting and Healing


You can’t just instantly hop on to the dating scene immediately after your divorce. Though it’s highly unlikely that you might do this, dating should be avoided for at least the first few months of the divorce. The first few months should be dedicated to reflecting and healing.


Noticing what you did wrong when choosing your partner or realizing what you did incorrectly in the relationship should be part of what you’re thinking of when reflecting. Note the qualities of your ex that you liked and the ones that you despise, and that might be crucial when you’re looking for your next partner.


Aside from reflecting, healing should be an obvious thing to do after the divorce. Dedicating time to yourself and healing from the wounds inflicted by your partner is crucial for you to move on. Being productive, going on trips, being surrounded by people you love, all of these can be considered ways of healing!


Go Slow & Steady


Rushing in won’t do you any good. Make sure to take your time to heal and grow as an individual. You have to learn how to grow on your own before you start to grow with another person!


Make sure to understand yourself before you go into another relationship. Learn to love yourself while you’re at it as well! Being in a new relationship with someone may make you feel better at first, but know that being with another person is the easy way to avoid the feelings you get when you’re alone.


Taking it slow when it comes to dating, meeting new people, and getting into relationships is the only way that you’d know if you’re ready and if the other person is the right one as well.


Go Online!


As adults, meeting new people, let alone getting into relationships, can be difficult. We’re busy, and going out to find someone in a bar or at a party is no longer a thing. If you want to start getting yourself out there but find it difficult to meet anybody new, try going online!


Online dating is one of the many wonders of the internet that can meet new people as easy as swiping right. Some dating sites even have options for you to find friends if you want to find a new set of people! (online dating is probably one of the best “getting started” tips out of these 5 Dating Tips After Divorce suggestions, and during the pandemic, an easy way to start meeting people.)


Stick To The Big Three


When you initially start dating, it’s excellent to set three characteristics you want your partner to have. Make sure that the traits you set aren’t physical! Only going for tall guys who are good at dancing and have good hair isn’t optimal if you want to get into a genuine relationship.


Characteristics like having a sense of humor, kindness, honesty, maturity, and being a great listener are a few of the ones you should be looking for depending on your preferences and what you value the most. Choose three of these and start from there when meeting new people.




When you’ve finally gotten yourself out there and found someone who has potential, the last tip we can give you is to have patience. Not just in your partner, but also yourself and the progress of your relationship.


If you don’t want this one to end on a dumpster fire, make sure to have patience in your partner and understand when it comes to their actions. Reciprocity will happen and make your relationship fly smoother!


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