Why Water Your Plants Before Sunrise? Watering your plants properly is one way of keeping it healthy. Giving it the right amount of water will allow it to grow and prosper. But if you overwater it, it can cause its death. Aside from the right amount of water your plant should get, have you ever wondered what’s the best time to water your plant?


Why Water Your Plants Before Sunrise


In previous posts we’ve covered the benefits of gardening, but in this post, we will be discussing the best time you should water your plants.


The Best Time to Water Your Plants is…


Experts have agreed that the best time to water your plants is a few hours before or after the sunrise. The reason behind this is because watering your plants in the morning allows it to absorb water more because less water will evaporate due to a more relaxed morning temperature. Without so much evaporation, water can seep into the soil and allow it to reach the roots.


Another reason is watering your plants in the morning will make water available to them throughout the day. This can help your plants stay hydrated even under the heat of the sun.


It’s also untrue when they say that watering in the morning will make your plants susceptible to being burned on the surface. This is because most of the world’s areas don’t get too much sun to scorch or burn your leaves. Also, if you indeed live in a room with scorching heat, the water droplets have already evaporated even before it can burn your plants. So, cross out this myth in your gardening practice.


How About Watering Plants in the Afternoon?


We understand that your schedule might not allow you to water your plants in the morning. So, the second-best time to water your plants would be late afternoon or early evening.


This time is second-best because the day’s heat has already passed, but there’s still some sun left before nighttime. Choosing this time also cuts down the evaporation of water and gives plants time to absorb the water into its system without the sun competing with them.


However, it is not considered second-best for no reason. If you water your plant during this time, it can result in fungus problems. This is because the sun is not there to warm the plants and soil. The excess water will lead to the root and fungus concern.


To avoid this, give your leaves time to dry before nighttime. If the leaves are damp, it can have powdery mildew or sooty mold, and you wouldn’t like that.


However, when you are using a drip or soaker irrigation system, you can water your plants until nightfall because the leaves don’t get wet when watering.


How About During a Heat Wave?


If your area is experiencing a summer heatwave, be mindful that your plant’s watering needs will change. It will have to stay hydrated despite the extreme heat. You will have to place the water directly to the soil instead of top watering for outdoor plants. If you do full watering, not all water will reach the ground.


It’s also a good practice to have rain barrels ready, so you can collect water and don’t run out of it. Having enough reserve water during a heatwave can help make sure your plants will get the water it needs.


You can also explore the drip irrigation system wherein you can adjust the drip to release more water or less water depending on the plant involved. It is a convenient way to ensure that your plant gets the water in need despite the high temperature.


Giving your plants the right amount of water is crucial for its survival. Giving them water during the right time can ensure that they are getting enough of what they need throughout the day.


Nurturing and growing plants benefit us in many ways, but it also entails time and effort to keep them alive continually. If watering your plants in the morning fits your schedule, then go ahead and do it. But if watering it in the afternoon is better for you, then don’t forget to take that extra step to make sure that your plants will still be happy and healthy.


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