When looking for ways to heal or optimize your health, various modern treatments are available, but there are traditional medications that are still being used. One of them is acupuncture. Acupuncture is one of the best medicinal therapies that relieve some of the pain that our body experiences. If you are planning to try one, below are the top three places for acupuncture in Queens, New York that you should know of.  But first, let’s go through how acupuncture is administered.


How Is Acupuncture Performed?


Acupuncture involve the insertion of small, solid metallic needles into the skin, which is then stimulated by the practitioner’s hands performing delicate and specific motions or by electrical stimulation. Also, it was a novel approach to treating some ailments, with many locations in New York employing it. If you are not in Queens you can also search NYC Acupuncture locations.


Top 3 Acupuncture in Queens, New York


There are a lot of places in NYC that have already adopted this type of practice. However, the following are the most popular places in Queens, New York, that offer acupuncture.


1. 16th Street Acupuncture

16th Street Acupuncture is a lively business offering acupuncture, massage, and other holistic treatments in the Flatiron District. Trigger point therapy, electro-stim, TCM, and Japanese-style acupuncture are some of the place’s specialties.


Furthermore, dancers, athletes, and individuals suffering from a variety of repetitive strain ailments may all benefit from the practice. Repetitive strain injuries occur from anything as simple as improperly sitting at a desk or the stress of everyday living in an urban setting. They have also had great success treating systemic diseases such as infertility, IBS, gynecological problems, migraines, TMJ, and more.


2. Ni Nan Art Healing Center

Ni Nan Healing Art Center uses acupuncture, herbs, and meditation to treat a broad range of illnesses, all depending on individual requirements, and employs non-needle methods for needle-phobic individuals. Nan takes into account the whole person, including lifestyle, nutrition, work, and exercise, and thus spends time with each patient.


3. RTM Physiatry & Psychiatry

As a cornerstone of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is renowned for its ability to stimulate the release of endorphins, promote balance, generate a sense of calm, and relieve pain. At RTM Physiatry & Psychiatry in Jamaica, Queens, Thresiamma Mathew, MD, is a certified medical acupuncturist and she and Terry Mathew, MD, offer this gentle, effective technique to address a wide range of problems and conditions.


Because acupuncture has a cumulative effect, many people benefit from having a couple treatments per week to begin with. As pain subsides and symptoms improve, you may only need to receive acupuncture weekly, every other week, monthly, or even seasonally, based on Dr. Mathew’s re-evaluation. Depending on your underlying health condition, you may also benefit from supportive therapies and treatments – physical therapy, restorative injections, lifestyle management, and other pain management treatments are just a few modalities that can enhance the effects of acupuncture and help you reach your goals more efficiently.


learn more at RTM Physiatry & Psychiatry


Top 3 Acupuncture in Queens

Aside from the fact that New York City is one of the top tourism destinations, you can also find excellent Acupuncture in Queens, New York, in addition to other medical treatments. Acupuncture has also traditionally been used to treat illnesses in the body. If you want to try acupuncture, go to one of the top three acupuncture centers listed above.


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