Tacos are amazing. Whether it’s the enticing Mexican flavors or the meaty fillings and filling tortillas, there will always be a place in the heart of locals and tourists alike for tacos. In this video, we’ll look at several must-try tacos in New York City.

1. Santa Clarita

Starting off this list is a restaurant serving amazing tacos since the 70s. It started as a Puerto Rican and Dominican joint with a dance floor but has since transitioned to one of the most loved taco joints in the area.

The classic Al Pastor tacos are a must-try if you do decide to visit Santa Clarita, but the Guajolota and Tecolote are also great options.

2. Taco Mix

Taco Mix, open since 1991, is also another great taco joint. For their branch in East Harlem, their menu provides an extensive number of choices—most of which you can customize.

Their Norteña-style tacos are made with steak, chorizo, cecina, onions, mayonnaise, bean spread, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, mozzarella, and jalapeños are the must-try. It’s spicy, flavor-filled, and oozing with a wonderful mix of sauces from the mayo, the meat, and, of course, the mozzarella cheese.

3. Salerno Pizza

It may be a surprise for some, but it isn’t common for restaurants to serve different kinds of cuisine in New York—not especially a pizza parlor whose management has been taken over by Mexican immigrants.

Their Lengua tacos, made with beef tongue, are a must-try. The texture that comes with the beef tongue is definitely different compared to other parts of the beef, but it’s what makes it unique.

An add-on order of salsas to elevate your entire experience in the restaurant is highly recommended!

4. Tulcingo del Valle

Last but not least on this list is Tulcingo del Valle, a restaurant that started as a deli. They have the usual classic choices like most on this list, but their deep-fried taco dorado is the must-try on their menu.

The taco dorado is a Pueblan specialty stuffed with chicken, beef, or cheese, depending on your preference. The deep-frying process adds to the crunchiness and warmth of the entire taco while amplifying the deep flavors. Overall, it’s a great try if you’re fine with a slightly oilier taco.

Author: Carol