Who doesn’t love Thai food? Nothing beats the great blend of herbs, spices, and flavors, the iconic spiciness, and the aromatics of Thai Food. That said, here are five must-visit Thai restaurants in New York City.

1. Thai Market

First on this list is the iconic Thai Market. It’s a street market in Manhattan Valley that specializes in the Bangkok side of Thai cuisine. It’s the perfect place to get a solid, true-to-tradition curry.

Try out the Green curry or Panang whenever you choose to drop by. The Thai market crepe, filled with minced shrimp and a blend of flavors, is also a must-try.

2. Lum Lum

Lum Lum lives up to its name. Lum Lum is a word in Thai that means delicious, and trust us when we say everything is delicious in this restaurant.

This Thai restaurant took over the place of Pam Real Thai Food and also took over the responsibility of serving great food to the locals and visitors of the area. Their salads, rice meals, and noodles all use fresh herbs to take them to the next level.

3. Thai Nara Halal

With cuisine that’s inspired by the southern region of Thailand, where the Muslim minority resides, all dishes in this restaurant are certified halal. With that being said, there are select halal versions of dishes like their Roti Canai with a dipping sauce made with beef instead of the usual pork or vegetable.

If you’re looking for a unique yet still Thai destination, this might be the one for you.

4. Pye Boat Noodle

Another restaurant with a Thai name, Pye Boat Noodle, is named after the Pye, or oars used by the boats along Thailand’s capital, Bangkok.

They serve an assortment of food like their Boat noodles with pork, made with authentic pig’s blood, and several other iconic dishes.

5. Sripraphai

Sripraphai has been serving good Thai dishes for over 30 years already. They began as a simple bakery but have since transitioned to a full-blown restaurant because of their great recipes.

If you’re looking for a restaurant with a long list of options, this is your place.

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Author: Carol