With the release of the trailer for the third main installment of the franchise, Deadpool 3 has rocked both Deadpool and X-Men fans, who are stoked for the onscreen chemistry of both Deadpool and Logan.

Here are some easter eggs you may have missed in the latest trailer of Deadpool 3

1. Foreshadowing

Not in the trailer itself, but in the first movie where Wolverine and Deadpool meet, fans can’t help but be overly excited for the foreshadowing that finally gets confirmed.

During Wade and Logan’s first conversation together, Deadpool tells Logan that one day he’ll hang up his claws and make everyone really sad and that when he does, he’ll get an invitation from his dear friend to come back for the last time. He also adds that he should definitely accept it.

2. All Too Well House

This easter egg is hard to spot, but many swifties did. The house they recorded the trailer in is actually the same house used in the music video for Taylor Swift’s re-released “All Too Well.”

It wouldn’t be wrong to expect some Taylor Swift jokes or possibly even an in-universe appearance from the pop star.

3. The Adam Project

Speaking of familiar, the same set used in another of Reynold’s films, “The Adam Project,” also appears. The forest in the trailer is the same exact forest that appears in the movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo.

Does this mean we’ll get a cross-over between The Adam Project and Deadpool 3? Probably not. Does this mean we’ll get a Hulk and Deadpool collab? Even more unlikely. But it’s definitely a cool easter egg.

4. Lip Reading Speculations

The censorship in the trailer was done through the form of playing Wham!’s “Wake Me Up” over the two actors’ quote-unquote “spoiling” what happens in the movie.

For the sake of everyone else, some folks over the internet actually tried to lip-read the entire scene. Most of it is just gibberish and doesn’t tell us anything. However, one detail people did spot in the lip reading was when Hugh Jackman mentions how fans “really have to see this because we’re in our prime.”

This leads us to speculate that it may involve some time-traveling aspect or that this movie isn’t in the present but a throwback to the past.

5. Aviation Gin

In the trailer, we see Ryan Reynolds pour a bottle of Aviation Gin over his Deadpool mug. It’s not much, but it’s a cool thing to spot. We don’t know what makes this relevant to the story, but it’s important to note that Aviation Gin is a company that Reynolds co-founded, so this may just be a product placement.

What do you think of this list? Are there other easter eggs you spotted? Let us know by commenting down below!

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Author: Carol