Whenever you’re thinking of getting food, American cuisine is probably the last thing on your mind, which doesn’t necessarily mean American food isn’t any good. People are just (more often than not) looking out for the more unique and exotic stuff.

In this video, you’ll see that American cuisine hasn’t lost its value in the food world. We’ll discuss some of the most classic American food you’re bound to spend your money on.

Are you ready for this top 5? Then let’s get going.

Number 5: Buffalo Wings

The first one we’ll be talking about has to be Buffalo Wings. Any person should know that buffalo wings are great for almost any occasion. And they were not even expensive!

The first bite on a chicken wing after waiting for a fresh batch is almost heaven-like. The sweet and spicy tang from the delectable sauce couldn’t be any more exciting. And if done right, they could be exceptionally crispy on the outside while the meat’s still perfectly tender and juicy.

Number 4: Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and gravy don’t seem like the best combination of foods when looking from an outsider’s perspective. But once you try it, you’ll never be able to stop craving it! Taking the number 4 spot has to be the hidden gem that only Americans know and love the most.

The thought of a soft and flaky biscuit soaked in the most glamorous of gravy has never been so comforting.

Number 3: Meatloaf

Meatloaf is ultimately one of the most misunderstood American foods out there. When done correctly, they can be the most comforting and tastiest foods you’ll ever put in your mouth. Despite the uniformity of the humble Meatloaf, it still offers what Americans like best: homemade deliciousness!

Number 2: BBQ Ribs

American-style barbecued ribs at certain restaurants can simply be to die for. In most cases, barbecued ribs are cooked on a hot grill, then slathered all over with their signature sauce. Nothing could ever go wrong at a good ol’ backyard barbecue session.

Number 1: Hamburgers

The food that gets the number one spot has to go to the American hamburger. You can always get them at fast food stalls, but nothing could ever beat a good sit-down restaurant burger. From the soft toasty bun, the juicy patty, and even the melty American cheese—what’s there not to love?

These kinds of foods can generally be bought at casual restaurants or even fast food places. But taking time to go to a restaurant that dedicates love to their food can definitely satisfy both heart and soul. So, do you have your pick?

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Author: Carol