Steven Yeun is more than just a talented Oscar-nominated actor. He’s also an incredibly loveable character in every single role that he plays!
Whether he’s a villain, protagonist, or even a side character— he always stands out and steals the show every time he’s in a scene. So let’s get into six moments that made us all fall in love with Steven Yeun.

Elevating I Think You Should Leave

Yeun was featured in the final sketch on the first episode of the hit comedy show on Netflix— “I Think You Should Leave.” Just as he usually does, he took the spotlight and made an amazing show, even better!
In the sketch, Steven Yeun plays a birthday host whose night takes a turn for the worse when a guest accuses Yeun of getting him sick with a gift receipt that the guest ate. When Yeun calls out the obvious (that eating paper isn’t a very good idea), everyone turns against him. Yeun remains calm despite the situation being turned against him, which makes the scene even more hilarious.

Being on Drunk History!

Suppose you want to watch a show that can make you learn a thing or two and give you a couple of laughs simultaneously— Drunk History is right up your alley. Although the narrator (American radio personality Phil Hendrie) was a giggling mess in this installment, Yeun still acted out the scenes perfectly and made us empathize and root for Daniel Inouye, the Japanese American war hero and senator.

Steven Yeun & Ali Wong On WIRED’s Autocomplete Interview

If you loved their dynamic on beef, you’d love their friendly synergy on WIRED’s autocomplete interview video, where they answer Google’s top questions about them. In the interview, Yeun talks about getting his role in The Walking Dead and even his opinion of Robert Pattinson!

Getting Nope’d on Nope!

Who doesn’t love a good Jordan Peele horror flick? Yeun stars as a theme park owner who was deeply traumatized by an event in his childhood. Despite not being in the main cast, Yeun still steals the spotlight somehow with a powerful (yet fairly short-lived) performance.

Beef’s Church Crying Scene

Despite the show being incredibly juicy and in your face with its plot, the scene that really got us loving Yeun was in episode three. In this scene, struggling contractor Danny Cho played by Steven Yeun, is moved to tears by a church service’s performance of “Oh Come to the Altar.”
The transition from stoic and straight-faced to having all his walls broken down and sobbing moved tons of fans to tears!

Glenn On The Walking Dead

This list wouldn’t be complete without talking about Yeun’s stunning performance as Glenn on The Walking Dead. Consistently having an outstanding performance every time he was on screen, Yeun was definitely one of the reasons why fans had their eyes peeled on this hit series. Ask any Walking Dead fan for their top three favorite characters, and Glenn will always be on their list.
We can’t wait to see what the future has to hold for this amazing actor and personality. Which Steven Yeun moment was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!


Author: Carol