Guide to finding peace and quiet in NYC

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens are a place where people find peace and quiet in NYC.
New York City is not an example of a peaceful, quiet place and yet it offers both. Even a bustling city that never sleeps, such as the Big Apple, offers retreats where you can rest your mind and body. These little havens and pockets of tranquility are numerous and everywhere around you, though easily overlooked in the daily rush. Thus, if you need to find peace and quiet in NYC, you’re in the right place.

Peace and quiet in NYC do exist

You are not the first nor the last New Yorker who seeks places calm enough to balance out the everyday frenzy of a big city. Also, you do not have to leave New York to find breathing space, away from the noise. Some of the most favorite reprieves for New Yorkers and visitors alike are:

● New York Public Library
● Inwood Hill Park
● Central Park
● Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
● New York Aquarium
● The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Also, with the help of a business listing, you can easily locate other relaxing places and things to do in Brooklyn or any other NYC borough for that matter.

A reading room in the New York Public Library.

New York Public Library

The New York Public Library has nestled in the Stephen A. Schwartzman Building, on 5th Avenue between 42nd Street and 40th Street. This landmark in Midtown Manhattan is not only a place for bookworms. Its peaceful atmosphere is welcoming of all those who wish to work or study in peace or simply need some time away from the hubbub. If you wish to live far from the noise, consider moving to some quiet neighborhood; if you just need some time alone, go to the NYC Public Library. You may choose to spend a few quiet hours in the elegant DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room on the first floor, in the Quiet Study Room on the second or in the majestic Rose Main Reading Room on the third.

Inwood Hill Park

At the top of Manhattan, you will find Inwood Hill Park. Rated highly by Lonely Planet for its only remaining native forest on the island, this park is easily accessible by subway and yet not overcrowded. It is a perfect spot to escape the energetic reality of a vibrant city such as New York. Pack your lunch and wander the trails, discover wildlife, explore the Native American caves and ancient artifacts or sit by the river and watch the sunset where Harlem River meets the Hudson. It is a rare place in Manhattan where you can’t see any cars or buildings. Inwood Hill Park offers peace and quiet in NYC that is often
more than welcome.

Central Park

Central Park is a 38-acre oasis for fast-paced New Yorkers. The urban jungle of NYC contrasts the calm wilderness of Central Park making it even more attractive. Getting lost in thought on its winding trails is easy, which is the main reason this park has a special place in the hearts of its visitors. It is a small wonder that, in a relentless search for peace, people of New York visit the Conservatory Garden in Central Park, a designated quiet zone.
A view of Central Park in New York.

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Located in Mount Prospect Park, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are home to the famous cherry trees that visitors find so easy to admire in spring. However, the Garden is open year-round and astonishing during every season. It is, perhaps, difficult to believe that one can find such a respite from the daily rush in the heart of Brooklyn. Even if you are moving to busy central Brooklyn with the help of local movers like, rest assured you will find peace and quiet in this NYC borough. Skip the stress, soak up the beauty, learn something new, and enjoy the silence in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

While it may not seem like a peaceful spot, the famous Met still offers a window of opportunity to relax and enjoy art at the same time. An early morning visit to this magnificent place will amaze you with its outstanding collection of art and a relative absence of tourists. What is the best thing about The Metropolitan Museum of Art? It allows you to discover it little by little. Having in mind that a ticket is valid for three consecutive days, you will have more than one opportunity to enjoy and discover this amazing museum.

New York Aquarium

It is well known that aquarium-watching relaxes and reduces stress and anxiety. The NYC Aquarium brings the calm of the deep sea into the hearts and minds of all visitors, regardless of age. If enjoying the fish in the observation room is not calming enough, serene music accompanying your visit will surely help. A play of lights in the tanks will help you immerse yourself fully (pun intended) in the world beyond the glass. Absorb the serenity of this place and you will feel recharged for days.
A woman is observing fish in an aquarium.


Being a true New Yorker can be recognized in many things and one of them is finding peace and quiet in NYC. Living in the Big Apple demands that skill. If you ask longtime residents how they manage to cope with the pace New York sets, their answer doesn’t really surprise. They have all found a private spot to meditate and relax, a pocket of peace in the fabric of this metropolis. There is also a piece of advice to aspiring New Yorkers: to be able to live your life to the fullest in this city, find your special, secluded, secret spot and savor it as often as you can. Thousands of parks, museums, libraries, and gardens offer more than sufficient options. We have named but a few.

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