To all ‘National Treasure’ fans out there, we have some juicy exclusive news and updates just for you!


Series Updates


Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer of Hightown, confirmed that Season 3 is coming to Disney+! Bruckheimer also revealed that they are working on a ‘National Treasure’ for the big screen.


The production of both the ‘National Treasure’ series and the movie is currently in the works. Season 3 of the series is now in the scripting process. The pilot script is already done, and they already have the plot of the future episodes, Bruckheimer added.


The Movie


The script for the film is currently being written, and Bruckheimer hopes that both productions will soon come together. John Turtletaub will direct both the film and the series. This progress indeed is a welcome development for all those waiting for new episodes to watch.


‘National Treasure’ is starring Nicolas Cage, who plays Benjamin Franklin Gates. He is a historian and an occasional heist mastermind who follows clues to hunt treasures that are believed to be hidden away in America’s oldest nooks and crannies.


Following the adventures and the journey of Benjamin Franklin Gates will make the series fun, thrilling, and interesting to watch.


What we love about the storyline of this movie is that both young and adults love seeing him piece together the clues that eventually lead his team to, well, a natural treasure.


The acting is un-apologetically funny and is one of the ingredients why we love films. Cage’s acting and persona are both an element that sets the film apart from other adventure series.


‘Natural Treasure’ and its sequel gained a significant following, and its timelessness made it re-watchable on the streaming platform.


We’re sure all of the film’s fans out there are all preparing with this new development to this film that we’ve grown up with. We’re all excited and looking forward to new developments in the movie and series, so stay tuned!

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