The Buddha one said “life is suffering“.


Geez, that’s a pretty grim outlook. Now, granted, that Indian prince was a pretty sagacious fellow, but just what did he mean by that? Well what I believe what was meant by this, as it was taught to me by various teachers, saying different things but trying to Express the same goal was that pain in life is inevitable, but my attachment to it, which creates suffering, is indeed optional.


I believe pain can be described as the circumstances of disappointment, challenge, unmet expectations, or some kind of mental and/or physiological imbalance perhaps caused by external trauma.


Last I heard, in the The game of life, these ups and downs are going to happen from time to time. But unfortunately my first impulse is to stay tucked inside of my comfort zone. I need to duck and dive, correct and change these uncomfortable circumstances. Because they are “bad“ due to their unfavorability in my opinion.


When some kind of relief is not an option, I seek to the external of some kind of distraction. Maybe it’s curling up in a ball in my bed, not getting up. Hitting a bottle of Jack Daniels, or a box of Cap’n Crunch. Or perhaps spending wildly on a credit card while owing taxes to the federal government. Anything, that will take me out of the pain. When these distractions form patterns over time they become an addiction and the default to my factory settings. Which would be dealing with life on life‘s terms, In a mature and rational way.


My attachment to these things that are “bad“ or what creates the suffering when the external solution is unavailable or in operable.


In hindsight, the healthiest perspective I can engage in is to ask the question, what is the solution to this pain or “Problem“? How does this situation take me to the next level in my evolution of creativity and joy? Or more importantly what is the information or gift in this experience?


Am I brave enough to merge into the illusion that the pain is creating with Red lights and sirens telling me to get the hell out of here!

And say to myself “wait a minute, let me view this like a pack of Ravenous dogs coming to attack me. Bring it on, take a bite“ Because the truth is as they take a bite, they dissolve,and the illusion loses its juice! Because instead of running,I have engaged. Once I see the truth, I have gained insight and wisdom.


And have lost the flavor of distraction and unhealthy addictive behaviors.


The truth is is that these addictions keep me locked in the fantasy world. The world of make-believe which then intern prohibits any availability to an unlimited creative potential. Not only that. But my bodies on resource of experiencing excellent good health.


So in regards to physical health, when the shit hits the fan, I can only take solace in the fact that I have been unconscious and on automatic pilot trying to stay in the comfort zone.


That being said my main “job“ and number one priority is to stay as conscious as possible! Please understand I know I am a human being with my foibles and I’m still very attached to the physical world and its comforts. Hot showers, designer clothes, Rolex watches, a big car. And there’s nothing wrong with these things. But the thing I need to understand is that with these things, just like every moment, is all impermanent.


I have found through the application of receiving and administering acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and it’s tenants, I can appreciate and grow!


And the cool thing with that idea is is that my experience is not unique. Everyone that I have met has some ingenious way of creating their own distractions and addictions. I have found through my own experience I am able to hold the mirror up so they can indeed look at this and make the most informed decision and constructive choice.


Yes, it’s truly what REAL acupuncture is about fundamentally.


And for me not to provide this experience to everyone I meet, whether it’s through my business or an example as a father, friend, or stranger, would be unforgivable.

Dr Phil
Author: Dr Phil

Dr Philip Trigiani, or Dr Phil as we know him, is the master orthopedic acupuncturist behind Physical Medicine Acupuncture™, the pain management and soft tissue expert who serves busy New Yorkers whether resident, visitor or professional from his warm & inviting practices in the Upper West Side, aided by his caring and expert team. His alternative and complementary system of body-mind integration offers relief, self-discovery , self-correction, and self-healing that works every time. Dr Phil is constantly innovating in serving the health & wellness needs of the community, his team of expert massage therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors now being augmented with his new trusted partner network which extends his health and wellness therapies into yoga, fitness training, nutrition counseling and more.