Self-isolation is boring. There, we said it. Although the concept of staying at home all day may seem fun for all of us because we can relax, it’s almost the complete opposite.


Everyone is on edge because of COVID-19, and you can’t do any outdoor hobbies, and some people can’t leave their homes to go to work. The only qualified outdoor activity that we can do right now is when we go out to buy supplies, and that’s even with limited time.


However, we’re still fortunate to have an angel ascending from the heavens with gifts, like Amazon. The company is making a move in giving us a special treat, read on to find out.


Amazon Kindle Unlimited


Now, for the people who haven’t had the privilege of hearing about amazon kindle before, we’ve got you covered. Amazon Kindle is one of the best platforms from Amazon that brings entertainment to this quarantine. Specifically, it’s an eBook service that has over a million options to choose from.

So, if you are scouting for a new book for quarantine, we’re sure they have it for you.


Do you want to cook your meals and eat healthy meals? Check out their plethora of cookbooks, even for desserts!


Are you bored with all the streaming you’ve been doing all day? Check out their action-filled fantasy novels to enable your imagination to run wild.

However, if you’re not a fan of reading and you prefer audiobooks, then you’re in for a treat! Kindle also has audiobooks in an array of genres and topics.

Honestly, you can choose from thousands of books available on Kindle.


Two Months Unlimited Reading


Yes, you read that, right!


Amazon Kindle Unlimited is giving new users two months free trial. For the low price of $0, you can enjoy an unlimited viewing and listening experience of their audiobooks, novels, and even their best sellers!


Hurry and signup before the end of June for you to get the free two months trial. Also, you don’t need a particular device to access the books on their service. All you need is a phone, install their app, and you can start devouring the books you’ve been dying to read!


You’re essentially saving $20 for getting a free two-month trial since the Amazon Kindle subscription is at $9.99 a month. When the trial period ends, you then have to start paying the regular fee, but you can also opt to unsubscribe after the free trial period.


So, what are you waiting for? Get Amazon Kindle Unlimited now before the free-trial ends!

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