On Monday, Stephenie Meyer added a countdown on her website. People were wondering and speculating whether Meyer will release a new book or will she be releasing ‘Midnight Sun,’ which an earlier manuscript leaked in 2008.


On Monday morning, there it was, 15 years after the release of ‘Twilight,’ Meyer is bringing back Edward Cullen and Bella Swan with the release of Midnight Sun. The idea started when Meyer tried to read the first few chapters of ‘Twilight’ from the point of view of Edward.


Edward’s voice was the thing that stuck with her and kept her jotting words at night. It was Edward’s voice that stuck with her while she was in line at the post office, and 13 years later, we’re here. With this, we can also safely say that ‘Midnight Sun’ is not a sequel or a prequel.


“I’m not the same person I was then. My children have all grown up. My back got weird. The world is a different place. I can only imagine all the things that have changed for you. But completing Midnight Sun had brought back to me those early days of Twilight when I first met many of you,” Meyer wrote on her website.


The book is set to come out on August 4, and Meyer hopes that it can be a “fun distraction from the real world,” and she’s excited to share it with all of us!

Stephenie Meyer on new book ‘Midnight Sun’ which comes out August 4: “Hopefully this book can be a fun distraction from the real world. I’m so excited to finally be able to share it with you.” https://t.co/rJFjktp50S pic.twitter.com/hdp1xgsiKX

— Good Morning America (@GMA) May 4, 2020


It can be recalled that the “Twilight Saga” was about an ordinary teenage girl who fell in love with a vampire. The saga sold over 100 million copies worldwide. The movie adaptation of the book also grossed $3.3 billion worldwide, where Robert Pattinson played Edward and Kristine Stewart as Bella.

Also, the countdown was posted in Fickle Fish Films, her production company. Does this mean we’re also getting a ‘Midnight Sun’ movie? If yes, will Pattinson and Stewart still play the lead roles?


Stay tuned for more updates!

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