Fan of the Friends TV Show? You’re Going to Love This!


If you’re an avid fan of the Friends TV show, then you must have known that most of the episodes were shot in Los Angeles; however, some of its most memorable exteriors were shot on site in New York. Below is a compilation of our favorite landmarks and lesser known locations that was showcased in the show.


The Opening Credits


As it always was, the opening credits highlighted the famous fountain, which you can actually find in the back lot of the Warner Bros. building in Burbank, California. Hardcore fans have scoured New York City just to find this iconic fountain, but to no avail as it isn’t located in New York. However, there 2 fountains in New York City that people think are the closest rivals of the one in the TV show – the Cherry Hill Fountain in Central Park and the Pulitzer Fountain at Manhattan’s Grand Army Plaza. Check out the 3 side by side photos below and compare for yourself!


Their Iconic Apartment


The cozy apartment where Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey lived has now been dubbed as the “Friends Apartment.” A simple Google search and you will get a location neatly placed on West Village 90 Bedford Street. I think that the owners decided to keep the looking the way people remembered it from the show for nostalgia and tourism purposes. But you won’t find the Central Perk Café on the ground floor, instead, there’s a classy neighborhood joint called Little Owl is the place to hangout.


Ross’s Houses


Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), the smart paleontologist among his friends, kept moving in different apartments – 3 to be exact – but only 2 ever made it to the screen. When he got married to Emily Waltham he moved to a different apartment at Washington Square Village, which is near Washington Square Park and New York University (NYU). After their divorce, he was moving in different apartments sometimes just a few weeks at a time before finally settling down at Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment. The filmmakers made people think that it was just a stone’s throw away from Monica’s and Rachel’s apartment, but in reality it’s actually closer to 17 Grove Street.


Phoebe’s Place


Phoebe lives in 5 Morton Street, in a typical Victorian brick building, which is just a few minutes’ walk from Bedford where the rest of the ‘Friends’ live. This was revealed in one of the episodes of season seven “The One With Joey’s New Brain.” It’s also adjacent to Marvel’s Doctor Stephen Strange’s residence at 177A Bleecker Street.

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