Aside from taking a toll on people’s health, the coronavirus disease is also taking a toll on every economy. Businesses continue to struggle, and beach-side restaurants and bars in New York are not exempt.


It’s summer! Beach-side businesses in New York are bracing themselves, not because summer is the busiest season, but because they must hold out a little more now that beaches are still closed, and that reopening plans are still hazy.


Beach-side businesses’ main clients are beach-goers. Beach-side companies have lost a significant part of their lifeline with the beach closed and people confined in their homes.


In Coney Island, for example, business establishments are holding their breath. Initially, the NYPD planned to deploy a number of police officers to monitor and ensure that proper guidelines are followed. However, this plan has been moved until further after Memorial Day. Memorial Day used to be the busiest day in the summer season.


Aside from these national celebrations that are responsible for the influx of beach-goers, events like Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Contest and Mermaid Parade are also canceled. These events draw around 850,000 people every year.


Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey gave a little hope by saying that the state’s beaches might be reopened in time for Memorial Day but under strict social distancing protocols.

They will deploy” social distancing ambassadors” who will ensure that these protocols are followed. Despite this, Murphy said that the Division of Travel and Tourism is already expecting a 25% decrease in the number of visitors.


Beach-side businesses continue to await the announcement they’ve long wanted to hear. But if these beaches are to open, it is still likely that non-essential businesses will still be closed, and dining in a restaurant is still not possible.


On the other hand, a virtual food festival meant to showcase the Jewish Cuisine will be available via Zoom from May 19 to May 28. This 10-day festival will include cooks along, discussion, and happy hours. This is free, but people and encouraged to give donations. These donations will be used in supporting meals for NYC Front-liners.

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