The coronavirus has slowed down the world, and that includes dating.


If you’re single in the midst of a pandemic, you might have already cursed the virus to force you to stay at home and lessen your chances of getting a partner. More so, having someone in the midst of this pandemic would have been a romantic idea.


But on the other side of things, the slowing down of the dating scene brought about by this coronavirus pandemic might have something positive to give. We’re not saying that this has been helpful to everyone, but it allowed a new perspective to emerge and reminded us of how it used to be before dating has become as fast-paced as what it is now.


Let’s talk more about how this pandemic has changed the dating scene and the positive benefits it possibly brings.


It slowed the dating scene down.

When the world’s dating scene has become so fast-paced, the pandemic suddenly brought it to a halt. In a time when dating is just a swipe away, the pandemic taught it to slow down.


The pandemic has (in a way) brought back the old times when you get to know each other more before sharing the bed.

This generation has seen the rise of different dating apps. It has expedited the dating process, made potential partners more accessible, and provided a wide range of options for those searching. In a way, these dating apps have made “dating” and “having sex “more synonymous.


Video Chat is the New Date

Technology has become the bridge for everyone separated by this forced distancing. Video chatting might not be the same as physically talking to one another, but it is the best thing we can have.


Match, a dating app, asked 6,004 men and women about their courtship habits during this pandemic. If before there were only 6% of singles who use video chat for courtship, during this pandemic, it has risen to 69%. A third of those who answered even said that they are already talking to potential partners via video.


Being able to see your potential partner via video chat is also a way of having a peek of his/her personality. You can have a glimpse of who they are by his/her haircut(or the lack of it), their tattoo, what they wear, etc.


You can even see who they are based on what you see in their homes. These things signal their background, education, and interests.

Sex and Money are No Longer in the Picture

There’s no need for you to worry now which restaurant you’re going to eat or whether you’ll kiss or have a sec during your first date. We understand these are some things you’ll worry about during dates.


You can stop overthinking whether the restaurant you picked is good enough, classy enough, or expensive enough. With the imposed limit on physical interactions, you can let go of these worries.


You also don’t have to overthink what to wear during your first date or succeeding dates. Do I look hot enough? Do I look decent enough? Did I dress up well? Will he/she be offended by the way I dress? No need to think about these questions for now.


Lastly, there’s no pressure on kissing or even having sex. Should I kiss her or allow him to kiss me? What will I say if I get invited to his/her place? What if I don’t like him/her, how will I say no?


Real sex is off the table, for now, so you can take your mind off those things. Instead, you can enjoy a sexy banter during your video chat.

Time to Talk

Being confined in or homes has also given us more time to do more things. With dressing up and commuting out of the picture, you can have extra time to do more things. And you can spend this time talking to your potential partner.


With more time in hand, you can go more in-depth on your conversations. You’ll have more time to share your thoughts with each other, talk about what you think about certain things, and explore each other’s personality more and more.


Being able to get into a person’s innermost thoughts can help you decide better if you are compatible with each other. This can also lead to a deeper relationship that can lead to intimacy, love, and commitment – which are known to be the foundation of a meaningful and long-lasting relationship.

Slow Love

By extending the “getting to you process,” people have a longer time to assess whether their potential partner can be their partner. It will give them time to know their level of compatibility.


In the past centuries, couples began to know each other after their marriage. Now, marriage has become the end game.


Since this is a big commitment, one should be sure whether their partner is someone they can live with and without for the rest of their lives – something that this quarantine is offering us – the time to know each other more.


If something has come out the good of this pandemic, it is the chance to slow things down. Slowing down and changing the dating scene might pose positive effects in the future. It can even be beneficial for some.


The way things are changing now is offering us a fresh, new perspective that we can consider when the pandemic is over. For now, let’s just sit back, relax, and enjoy what we have.

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