With all that’s happening in the world right now, we’re pretty sure that we all need an extra dose of laughter to lighten up our mood. A little laugh is always welcome, especially now that the majority of us are staying at home.


So, if you’re looking to find some source of laughter, then we (and Netflix) got you covered! We have a list of some of the good vibes TV shows we love. Of course, we’ll never skip some of the TV classics like The Office, Parks, and Recs, Trailer Boys, the Inbetweeners, and Glow.


Let’s have our countdown, shall we?




We can all agree that Dan Harmon’s ‘Community’ is one of the best comedy shows of the 21st century. And for those who haven’t seen it, you now have the time to do so. The plot follows the lives and misadventures of a unique group of friends in Greendale who, at some point, we can all relate to.


‘New Girl’


If you love the vibes of ‘Friends’ and ‘Happy Endings,’ then you’ll surely laugh your heart out with this sitcom. The show was first aired in 2011 with Zoey Deschanel, and the plot follows her life as an offbeat teacher who just moved to LA and is living with three men. We love the banters and the funny dialogues, which are really something if you need a pick-me-up for the day.


‘Schitt’s Creek’


Another favorite on our list, the show follows the lives of a one-wealthy family in their quest to live a new life. We say once-wealthy because they got defrauded by their business manager. Now, they have to live in a tiny house, which was a joke and a gift that the patriarch (Eugene Levy) gave to his son.


‘I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson’


If you want to roll on the floor laughing to start your day or have a nightcap, then this is the show for you. It’s weird and bizarre that you can’t stop watching it!




It’s a Netflix original that’s unique and something that you shouldn’t miss to binge-watch. The plot is straightforward – in revolves around women who want to succeed in wrestling! Not that complicated, right?


‘The Good Place’

Are you looking for humor and philosophy? Well, TGP got you covered. It revolves around a group of people who are being manipulated by Michael (Ted Danson) in the afterlife! Watch as Elanor (Kristen Bell) and the gang figure out where they are and why they’re here, after all.


If comedy is not on your radar, Netflix also has a variety of genres and shows that you’ll love.

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