Social distance is a whole new level for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. With borers round the world, all closed up, who knows when will be the next time you get to be in each other’s arms?

Yes, we know that out of it can be excruciating, but for now, the best thing we can do for people we love is to keep them safe even if it means staying away from them.


There can be long-distance couples who are currently struggling with the current situation, and it is understandable. You might be used to being apart, but with COVID-19 factored in, we all know it is a very much different situation.


For one, you’ve lost your capacity to make a choice, and at the same time, this is a situation you don’t have control of.

Despite this challenge, technology has always been there to bridge the distance, and that is your magic key to keep the fire burning. To put it out there, here are six ways couples can do to survive long-distance relationships amidst this pandemic.


1. Embrace the Indefiniteness


By doing so, you will save yourself from disappointments. No one knows how long this pandemic will last. Yes, there are predictions but even these predictions cannot predict when exactly all this will end.

Countries that have opened up are starting to close again and the situation today, might be different tomorrow.


So stop expecting that you will see each other soon. The lesser you expect, the lesser you’ll be disappointed, and the lesser you’ll be disappointed, the lesser you’ll get hurt.

Embrace the indefiniteness and rest on the thought that the next time you’ll see each other again, it will surely be special and intense.


2. Go on More Virtual Dates


Who says dates cannot be virtual? You just have to be creative on how you can do it. You can go watch a movie together, enjoy dinner together and continue flirting with each other.

You can even join virtual concerts. There are also museums that are available online. It’s just up to the both of you on how you can be creative depending on the activities that interest you as well.


3. Communicate and Connect


With communication, we do not mean the act of communicating with each other. With communication, we mean you open up and connect to each other. Take this opportunity to have a serious conversation with your partner.


You can talk about your relationship, what do you feel about how your job is going now and even topics that concern the economy. The deeper the conversation and the more that you’ve become open to each other means the strengthened connection.


4. Plan Your Next Trip


This doesn’t mean you’ll do all the bookings right at this very moment. You make a draft plan for your next trip – what country you’d like to visit, what activities you want to do together, what food you’re going to try.

This way, you’ll both have something happy to look forward to. And once travel is already allowed, all you’ll have to do is execute the plan that you’ve already prepared.


5. Start a Book Club or Netflix Club Together


Try to look for something both of you are similarly interested in and talk about it. This can be a good topic to talk about during your conversation.

This can also reveal something new and interesting about your partner. It’s also good practice in sharing each of your points of view. This is a good exercise for both of you to be comfortable with each other’s opinions.


6. Sext


We know it’s not as good as the real thing, but it will do…for now. It’s a good way to keep your intimacy burning. It is exciting and can spice up your day.

But sexting is not just about the naughty exchange of words between you and your partner. It’s also the sexual connection you share despite the distance. It’s making your partner feel that they are wanted despite the long period of not being together.


And of course, it’s a tease for a sizzling, hot reunion when you see each other again. *wink*


It’s truly a difficult time to be in a long-distance relationship in a time of the pandemic. Communication through digital means can be a double-edged sword as some texts can be misinterpreted easily.

Should a misunderstanding arise between you two, make sure to settle it before going to sleep. Try to be as direct and as clear as possible.

Emotions can spike during this situation too, so, make sure to both be extra understanding to each other.


Just take this pandemic as a challenge to your relationship. If you can get through this, you sure can get through the tougher things ahead. Just remember, what distance cannot fill, love will fill.

Author: Blogger