Being at home all the time is something new for most of us. This gave us some extra time that we would want to use wisely, and the benefits of gardening is a great use of our time! We think of different activities that can make us enjoy ourselves, make us feel better, and re-channel our energy into something productive.


So, why don’t you try gardening? If you have a little outdoor space available, you can have gardening as your past time. With the demand for supplies going up, it pays to have your fresh produce.

Gardening also has a lot of benefits, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. In a pandemic time, it helps to have something you enjoy, especially that it can be straightforward to feel anxiety during these times.


Benefits of Gardening in the New Normal


We understand a lot of you are new with gardening, so here are some beginner tips!




Try to locate your garden near a water source. It will give you ease when it comes to watering your plants. Also, make sure to protect your garden from animals.


Soil check


Check the area where you will have your garden. Then start clearing out any grass or weeds. Make the soil fertile by tilling it and mixing in some compost. Remove as many rocks as you can, too.


Do succession planting


Plant your seeds in intervals, so help you spread the growth of your plants in the garden. You can plant a part of it this week and wait four to six weeks before planting the next seeds. This will help you avoid pests and plant diseases, too.


Start with the basics


Try planting reliable vegetables first. These include potatoes, bush beans, pea, summer squash, lettuce, kale, onions, and cucumber. You can also try some tomato and pepper plants.

Now that you have the essential gardening tips, you might be wondering the benefits of gardening are.


Here it goes:


It burns calories

You might not know it because you are enjoying what you do, but gardening burns calories when you walk, lift, need, and pull when taking care of your plants. You see, gardening requires a lot of physical activity, and your continuous movement will help you burn those unwanted calories away.


If you spend a consistent amount of time gardening, you can observe that your muscles have toned, you’ll have more strength and improved stamina after a few weeks.


It gives you vitamin D


When you do gardening early in the morning, it will give you your much needed Vitamin D. It exposes you to the sun’s rays during a time of the day where it gives off Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps you have strong bones and a stronger immune system.


But don’t forget to put some sunscreen and to put your shades on to protect yourself from unwanted UVA and UVB rays.


Gives you a healthier option to eat


We bet you’ll feel a different sense of fulfillment when you eat your first fresh produce. It’s gratifying to eat your meals using your garden’s produce. The thought that you’ve worked for it and harvested it will make you feel more fulfilled.


And think of all the money you can save, too.


Helps improve your mental health


Gardening helps you calm down and eases your stress. Gardening is a good distraction away from this pandemic. Your worries will melt away when you enjoy tending to your planets.

Since gardening is a form of exercise, it also helps you release hormones that can make you feel better, if you’re feeling low on self-esteem and are experiencing anxiety, setting a gardening goal and achieving it help you feel better as it will be self-satisfying.


Gives you better sleep


The exhaustion you feel during gardening can help you sleep better. Sleep is essential to maintain good health. If planting can help you sleep early and better, then it’s worth a try. We all need the best sleep we can during this pandemic, so our immune system won’t weaken.


Having the ability to nurture your garden and grow your plant is an excellent opportunity to keep yourself productive in this new normal.

If you have all the prerequisites needed to start gardening, why don’t you try? It is helpful in many aspects, and it might just be what you need during these trying times.

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