If I ever find myself at some kind of social event, party, gathering etc. and I get the Ubiquitous question… “What do you do?”


First of all I generally swallow hard. I’m someone who takes the English language very seriously. I have an idea of what someone may mean by that. Most likely the referring to what kind of work do you do, but that is generally never asked.


What one does for work and what one DOES… Well, those are two very different things I believe.


My work is that I am an wellness consultant and Acupuncturist,  with a concern for delivering health & relief to those I serve since 1992. Now if someone says to me “oh… And Acupuncturist… And here it comes… Does that really work? My answer is inevitably “no, not at all“. Usually at that point the person excuses themselves and make off for the crab and avocado dip.


But think about that for a second… Does it work?

Does what work?
Please define “work”.


And by “working”, what substantiates, in a time-frame the definition which makes that viable?


It’s really quite amazing how in these times many people speak in such vagaries, and meaningless phrasing, not prepared for the truthful answer. The real answer that I prefer to give is that I am an artist, and a wizard.


You see, I really believe that life is a kind of an evolving, breathing, and perpetually changing cavas that I get the honor of participating in with my own broad strokes through holistic medicine expressing myself in a vivid, benevolent, and unusual way.


When someone thinks art, or artist, There’s usually association with paint brushes on a stretched canvas, or musician, or perhaps someone in theatrical arts. Or even a movie star. Art, In any form, is merely an expression of the heart. An expression of joy, that affects other individuals in a profound emotional way that’s indescribable. But the expression of art doesn’t stop with what I just mention. It could be a chef in the kitchen, it could be a Carpenter, a gardener, Or even someone who works for the department of sanitation at 3 AM who may see his/her “job“ as an invaluable service and performs it with a little more class than his/her counterparts.


Acupuncture, in and of itself is a very broad didactic term used to describe the strategic application of a sterile needle inserted into a portal/points on the body to elicit movement of energy, instill balance, and reduce inflammation.


That’s it.


If I have an expectation of some results or outcome, both the patient and I are headed for a whole lotta of disappointment.


What I certainly do not do is participate in the results business. What I have to ask myself however is how am I expressing myself today? Am I excited for another day of participation in service to others? Is my will aligned with that of my higher power? How can I best fit myself to be of maximum service to society?


I’d like to think I go through life with a pretty big outlook, a lot of appreciation and gratitude, and many many joyful moments. I believe all of humanity has a birthright to the same things I enjoy. So, through the story of acupuncture, the needle is only ONE of the Brush strokes Touching only one flavor of an infinite pallet of audible colors that I have at my disposal every day from it’s unlimited umbrella.


Acupuncture provides an extraordinary opportunity and platform for me to suit up, and show up every day and be an active participant to pack into the stream of life and help each individual and society understand, even if for a moment, the powerful impact it has on society.


What I do… Is become accountable, and provide hope.


What I do is provide the environment to allow an individual to see beyond the limitations of fear and all its manifestations again, even for a second, in a flash, and a blink of an eye! So, for me to merely just practice the Profession of acupuncture, without any application of principles in all my affairs would be a sin, and unforgivable.


I tell my kids… Be an artist, be a wizard, come from your heart, the universe will naturally take care of the rest, whether through monetary expression, or, the appreciation for participating In life a day at a time.

Dr Phil
Author: Dr Phil

Dr Philip Trigiani, or Dr Phil as we know him, is the master orthopedic acupuncturist behind Physical Medicine Acupuncture™, the pain management and soft tissue expert who serves busy New Yorkers whether resident, visitor or professional from his warm & inviting practices in the Upper West Side, aided by his caring and expert team. His alternative and complementary system of body-mind integration offers relief, self-discovery , self-correction, and self-healing that works every time. Dr Phil is constantly innovating in serving the health & wellness needs of the community, his team of expert massage therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors now being augmented with his new trusted partner network which extends his health and wellness therapies into yoga, fitness training, nutrition counseling and more.