A newcomer’s guide to the Big Apple

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From big dreams to small ideas, the city of New York has it all. Artists come here to get their big break, only to discover that you have to be an artist and a wizard, to survive in this city. With his
wonderful but challenging new environment waiting for you after the moving process, a head start might be just what you need right now. Hopefully, this newcomer’s guide to the Big Apple
will make this transition just a bit easier.

Binoculars on a building in New York.

Expensive City

Being in the center of the action is not cheap. The cost of living in New York is more than 20% more expensive than the national average. Of course, there are areas where it’s a bit cheaper to live, but New York is an expensive city overall. And the housing and renting costs play a big part.

Having in mind that the median home value in New York is  $654,683, it’s clear that owning a home in the city is not an option for many people. And median rent price is not low either, with prices for bedrooms going above $2,500. Of course, Manhattan is the most expensive, and Brooklyn and Queens are in the following places.

Our newcomer’s guide to the Big Apple has to include the financial aspect of moving and living in New York. Having in mind all of the above, in order to plan your budget, you have to think about the housing or renting costs, and the costs of living in the city. However, you can’t forget about the costs of relocation when creating your budget.

Prepare for living in a small apartment

Because of the housing costs, there’s a good chance your new apartment will be smaller than what you’re used to. Let’s say you’re moving from Florida. In this case, you’re probably used to a larger apartment and warmer weather. When moving to New York, you’ll need your light, as well as warm clothes. You need to help yourself and keep these facts in mind when packing, in order to get everything ready for a new chapter in your life. As there won’t be a lot of space for all the clothes in your new apartment, try and get rid of items you no longer need. By doing so, your new place won’t be so cramped.

Getting an apartment in New York

When finding an apartment in New York, it’s important to set your priorities. If the location is not your biggest priority, you might be able to find a larger apartment or an apartment that’s not so expensive. Some neighborhoods that are not too far away from downtown have good access to public transportation.


Having in mind that most people are dealing with a limited budget, there is one more thing to know. One of the landlords’ requirements is that you have an income 40 times the rent, or a guarantor. However, luck plays an important part here, so you might still find a place in a desired neighborhood with decent rent. It would be a good idea to thoroughly research the landlord or ask the tenants about him or the building. And don’t forget the broker’s fee, as there’s a good chance that you’ll need to use their services.


Since apartments in Manhattan are quite expensive, consider the option of getting a roommate. There are numerous websites where you can find the person interested in finding a roommate, just like you.

A street in New York.

Preparing for the move

There’s going to be a lot do before you actually move. That’s why this newcomer’s guide to New York includes how to prepare for your relocation.

Moving preparations involve all the small and large tasks, and all of them are crucial for your successful relocation. Even if you’re moving from a nearby city to NYC, you might need some help. But, keep in mind that long-distance relocations are more complicated and require even more preparation. And it’s not just when moving from West Coast. Even in case you are coming
from Florida, there will be many things to organize to move successfully. So, again, hiring a professional company might be the smartest option.

The city that never sleeps

This city has more than 8 million residents, and with the size of the city in mind, it’s easy to understand why it’s always so busy.

The excitement and sometimes the frustration of living in NYC is going to become normal to you. It’s easy to forgive the impatience of its inhabitants. With the diversity and a unique vibe of New York, it won’t be too hard to see the appeal.

Indeed, people from all over the world recognize the appeal of this unique place. This is how people from the same countries came and settled in the same neighborhood, opening their shops and restaurants. As a result, you can experience the cuisine and culture of Italy in Little Italy in the Bronx or go to Chinatown and have a completely different experience.

While this is a place for people from all over the world, it’s not a secret that the competition in the city is extreme. After all, you know the words of the famous song: if you make it here, you can make it anywhere. And it’s not just related to a specific industry. However, you can still find relief from all the excitement and tension if you know where to look.


Even with the new normal, New York parks are an oasis in this glorious jungle, and you’ll discover how important and special they truly are, once you take a stroll in Central Park. But that’s not all, since the city also has beaches, like Rockaway Beach or Coney Island.

The Liberty Statue.

Reading the guide to the Big Apple is not enough

Our newcomer’s guide to the Big Apple will certainly help you prepare for what you’ll experience when you come to the city. However, no such guide can be comprehensive enough to tell you everything you can expect. After all, that’s the beauty of this city. You need to come yourself and experience all that it offers, so you can completely understand what living in NYC is all about.

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