Murder, friendship, and cover-up. These are the three main ingredients of ‘Dead to Me’ season one, and Netflix has also gone on the same road for season two. Warning, spoilers ahead, so read at your risk!


A little recap of ‘Dead to Me’ season one starts as Jen’s (Christina Applegate) joins a grief group where she meets Judy (Linda Cardellini). They form a unique bond as the season progresses, and we see Jen grieve her husband’s death Jason (Steve Howey). Unknowingly, Judy is also grieving the same death and her miscarriages.


But this isn’t the gist of the first season. Judy and her ex-fiance, Steve (James Marsden), revealed their role in the death of Jason and how they covered up everything to protect their lives, and Jen caught them in their lies.


We end season one with two angry women and Steve’s death committed by none other than Jen. So, we open season two the morning after and, just like any other murder-mystery shows, the two work together to cover-up their crimes.


With all the mechanization, they misdirect police investigations without being friends. They got rid of the body, Judy lives back in the mansion, and Liz Feldman, the creator, forgets about the character development of the people in Judy and Jen’s life. And this is what makes season two “utterly weightless, if not eye roll-inducing in its heavy-handed ironies,” Hollywood Reporter


The acting is impeccable, but we forget the supporting characters like the sons of Jen, her ice queen mother-in-law (Valerie Mahaffey), and even our favorite choreographer, Max Jenkins.

Honestly, we were ready to embrace angry women on television. Feldman even added that “it echoed my fears about expressing anger,” but we the viewers felt Jen, and that’s why we were a bit numb for season two.


Get your dose of the two angry women we started to love this Friday on Netflix.

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