As we stay longer at home, we also feel like we’re eating more. It’s also safe to say that most of the food that we binge-eat include pasta, bread, chocolate, ice cream, and anything sweet that we have on stock.


With this, we must start rethinking the food we stock and eat, especially that it can affect our mood and can even induce stress.


So, what are the things that we should eat instead of these treats? Here are some of the best foods to boost your immune function and help you with your mood.


1. Yogurt

Instead of ice cream, add yogurt to your grocery list. There are hundreds of brands and flavors to pick from, so you can vary your home options, too.


So, regardless of any flavor, we recommend that you choose those with no added sugars that contain live cultures. Also, if there are yogurts with probiotic fibers, then that’ll be great, too!


2. Go for Fish

Make sure to add fish to your menu when you’re staying at home. Instead of fish and chips, you can do cornflakes-crumbed fish for your meals. Choosing oily fish is good for your health because it contains omega-three fats.


Canned tuna is also another great option, especially with pasta. However, it’s still best to choose fresh fish.


3. Leafy Greens

Don’t forget green and leafy veggies, which could include spinach, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and even beans. These are your sources of vitamin B and folate.

These vitamins are essential to help you cope with mood disorders, such as depression. Incorporate your greens with eggs or make a salad as a healthy snack.


4. You can Choose Canned

You can always stock up on canned items such as soup, tomatoes, legumes, beans, and tuna. These can be your go-to ingredients when preparing your meal.


Also, make sure to cook by batch and ensure that you follow food safety guidelines when storing your cooked food. Start your list with this list and then go from here by adding other essential ingredients for your quarantine meals.

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