Are you in NYC and asking “Is there healthy food near me?” Do you want to try something healthy? The first thing you should do is to grab your phone and search for healthy food near you. In this article, save yourself from the hassles of searching online, as we have compiled here the top places where you can feast on healthy. These foods range from vegan, gluten-free, keto, and other types of healthy food for you.


Healthy Food Near Me: Top Restaurants in NYC


The Butcher’s Daughter


The Butcher’s Daughter is popular restaurant in NYC that is known to be a vegetable slaughterhouse. They serve vegan and seasonal foods which include their popular vegan spaghetti with meatballs and salads. They also have a juice bar that serves healthy drinks as well.




ANCV is a veggie-focused restaurant that is a haven for the wellness savvy. You’ll surely love their modern minimalist ambiance and organized menu. For only $48, you can have their daily wellness unique dishes carefully selected by their chef.



The food here is inspired by Indian cuisine, but the diet they serve is 100% gluten-free. Inday is focused on providing lunch bowls with cauliflower rice or quinoa topped with fresh local food, and anti-inflammatory spices. While you can select combinations from their menu, they can also let you create your bowl.



All By CHLOE locations are casual and are a must-go for NYU students. Their menu includes guac burgers and mac ’n’ cheese with sweet potato used as the “cheese” and shiitake used as the “bacon.” Their air-baked fries are also impossible to resist.

While we were young


In this restaurant, you can enjoy cocktails and tequila in a healthy way. They also serve foods like chicken and waffles but they are made healthy using kale and other organic ingredients. You can also try their “honey with bee pollen-infused mezcal” or “butterfly pea flower cocktail”. A friendly note: you might spend a little more here.



Nix is a semi-romantic hotspot where you can bring your date. The restaurant boasts of carefully picked fresh. Not all of their menu is strictly vegan, however. They also offer other dishes such as cauliflower tempura or kabocha squash dumplings.



Yes, all their menu offerings are based on avocados. Their food ranges from soups, salads, poke bowls, to even smoothies.



Gotan is one of the evolving coffee shops in NYC. Their counter-culture brewed coffee is accompanied by a fresh, seasonal, and vegetable-forward menu.

The Smile


The Smile restaurant provides Mediterranean-inspired dishes which include roasted balsamic chicken and Moroccan lamb meatballs. Their menu changes every season, so anything you order is as fresh as possible. The ambiance is also refreshing.

Electric Lemon


This restaurant serves flavorful dishes whose ingredients come from the local farmers and vegetable growers. Chefs serve beet yoghurt with pistachios and bee pollen, and toasted buckwheat pasta with roasted chestnuts.

Two Hands


If you’re in the mood for some sweet or savory Aussie dishes, try their Acai Bowl with various fruit blends, coconut milk, and a bunch of granola. You may also try the Brassicas Bowl, a mix of charred broccolini, brussel sprouts, avocado, hummus, kale, and soft-boiled eggs.

Hu Kitchen


This restaurant is known for its paleo-vegan chocolate bars. Its principals, sides, parfaits, and mashbars are all on-the-go healthy food.

West Bourne


West Bourne serves West Coast-inspired dishes such as coconut chia pudding, mixed mushroom with spices, and pan-roasted seasonal greens.

Le Botaniste


This restaurant offers fresh dips, veggie tagines, and omega-three brownies. Match it all with natural wine or a fruity drink during your happy hour.

The Little Beet Table


This is a farm-to-table vibes restaurant that serves a gluten-free and wellness-inspired lineup of colorful and seasonal plates of veggies.




If you are still asking “Is there healthy food near me?’, then visit all the above-mentioned places. We have listed them here for you to enjoy. Bon Apetit!


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