You know, sometimes it’s all I can do to rouse myself out of bed, have some coffee, brush and floss my teeth, comb my hair, and groom my beard, and meaningfully say to my wife and kids “good morning”.


I mean sometimes I’m exhausted just after the simple rituals. My thoughts seem to begin by racing automatically in survival mode.


How is the rest of the day going to go?
Will I make money will I lose money?
Will I get injured? will my car start?
Will my kids be OK, will the sky fall down? When will the other shoe drop?
Is the world going to blow up today?


It’s all too much!


Well before I get into that committee That’s in my head directing me towards any fantastical disasters, I personally need to get focused and centered to see how I can put my best foot forward to take care of my health, to serve my family, the universe and all its recipients.


I wish to make a productive creative footprint each and every time Throughout the day even if I’m on some kind of automatic pilot of survival. So I’m going to just talk a little bit about prayer, not in a religious sense but in a spiritual sense.


A kind of petition to the universe, that which exceeds my brain and body, to have some kind of alignment that allows me to pack into the stream of life rather than take. I believe strongly that if my thoughts and efforts go into service of all, I will absolutely be taken care of.


One of the simplest I can think of is “please, keep me awake and aware to best serve YOU and others.”

Or another good one, “may YOUR will be done always, not mine“
And a real beautiful one that has much impact on me is just “thank you“


I find that when I participate in the spirit of gratitude and appreciation for all the things that create harmony balance in joy in my life, rather than dwelling on the things that I find objectionable, it almost seems that the blissful things expand and grow as I move forward into that experience. While the things that I don’t like, I seem to adapt and learn from. So if I am petitioning the universe. It’s never for any requests at all, EVER!


The universe, all powerful intelligence, God consciousness, is not my genie. That would be me operating out of the supposition that I know better then the unthinkable flow of the universe. I need to come correct, get in line, and move forward with an energy that’s far greater Then my little brain can ever conceive.
And then something else I like to do, after asking for direction, and giving thanks, is to sit and be.


That’s it.


Some call this a meditation. A listening, if you will. With no agenda, no objective, no expectation.
I sit and watch.
I am the observer in the observed.


This can take a few seconds, minutes, Or if I’m really focused maybe I can close in on an hour.


Now…why on earth would I do this?


It’s kind of illogical and certainly not scientific. And I don’t like to use the expression “it works“, because I’m not quite sure even what “works“ means. But I can tell you by the end of the day. And this is for most every day, I feel a sense of joy, peace, and happiness, that everything went perfectly and I can sleep well. When I am operating on this level of universal connection, I know that my health physically, and mentally, has the best advantage of being its most efficient.


As I have stated many times., I believe it is the job of an acupuncturist, or really anyone in holistic healthcare, to help each patient and recipient, and all others, reach this place of peace, understanding, joy, appreciation, While at the same time experiencing little or no attachment to any kind of discomfort or pain which seems always to be temporary at best.


Part of my approach to my acupuncture practice is defining the sequencing in the pathways and meridians that are inhibited that create the needle protocol to establish a reconnection back to strategy.


But without ME reaching out to the SOURCE Each and every day through an active prayer and meditation, I don’t believe this would be achievable.

Dr Phil
Author: Dr Phil

Dr Philip Trigiani, or Dr Phil as we know him, is the master orthopedic acupuncturist behind Physical Medicine Acupuncture™, the pain management and soft tissue expert who serves busy New Yorkers whether resident, visitor or professional from his warm & inviting practices in the Upper West Side, aided by his caring and expert team. His alternative and complementary system of body-mind integration offers relief, self-discovery , self-correction, and self-healing that works every time. Dr Phil is constantly innovating in serving the health & wellness needs of the community, his team of expert massage therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors now being augmented with his new trusted partner network which extends his health and wellness therapies into yoga, fitness training, nutrition counseling and more.