We have a lot more time to stream TV shows now more than ever, and we also have a lot more shows and streaming platform options, especially now that we have HBO Max.


New Shows on HBO Max includes The Big Bang Theory and More!


Aside from this great news, another great news is you’ll be able to relieve some of your favorite classics like ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Friends,’ and even ‘Gossip Girl.’


Warner Media has prepared a collection of original and licensed content that can keep subscribers company all the time. HBO Max charges $14.99, but HBO guarantees that the content will be worth the price, and that’s what we’re hoping for.


Here are some of the classics available in the platform:


Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Rick and Morty
Doctor Who (2005-present)
The Big Bang Theory
Pretty Little Liars
The West Wing
Adventure Time
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown


Aside from these classics, they’ve also prepared some new shows:


1. DC Released Series


There will be four DC-related shows that you can watch out for in the next few years, and these include DC Superhero High, The Green Laner, Justice League Dark, and Strange adventures.


2. Grease and other Revivals


Grease is a 1978 blockbuster movie hit and will get its revival in HBO Max. Sandy and Danny will be back to bring you Rydell High. Boondocks and XOXO Gossip Girl will also be revived.


3. Book Adaptations


Let’s see how HBO Max will be fairing with these book adaptations that include ‘Circe,’ ‘Americanah,’ and ‘Made for Love.’ Also, ‘Overlook’ is also coming our way, but this isn’t a direct book adaptation as it will be based on Stephe King’s ‘The Shining.’


4. Of course, we’ll also see some original contents like ‘Gen: Lock,’ ‘Generation,’ and ‘Rap Sh*t.’


5. The Kid’s Shows


Don’t worry, HBO MAx also has content for kids so, expect ‘Adventure Time’ and similar content and the animated series ‘Gremlins: Secret of the Mogwai.’


With the launch of HBO Max, we’ll have more options for movies and shows. So, here’s to hoping for more good company, that is more shows, while we stay at home. Be sure to follow all our Trending News here on Local NYC!

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