Due to the COVID 19 pandemic most of you have been forced to work from home and while it may seem somewhat convenient, it isn’t as great as people imagined it would be. Suddenly you have your daily routine of waking up, heading straight to kitchen for some coffee and some breakfast or whatever, then getting right to work in your own little office space/bedroom or spare room that you’ve turned into a home office.


You realize some of the benefits of working from home is that you no longer have to commute to work, you can work comfortably wearing your pajamas, and the best part is that your boss or supervisor will not give you a hard time peering over your shoulder to check if you’re working as hard as he/she expects you to be. But truth be told, you’re probably wondering just as much as your boss, co-workers, friends and family, is working from home really a real career path?


Working from Home is More Convenient Compared to Office Work


While it’s true that working from home has its perks such as you’re not obligated to pick up the phone every time it rings, your co-worker’s cubicle is not within earshot so you’re not bothered by those annoying sounds they sometimes make, and no distractions from your officemates who wanders off into your office just to do some small talk; it isn’t all that fun and glamorous. Once you have too much control over yourself you tend to forget that you’re accountable to your work and your boss, and that can be detrimental to your career.


Slowly you’ll notice that you take more breaks and head for the fridge to chomp on something and drink soda or coffee. You may even make the excuse that you’re doing this to avoid stress, but soon you’ll realize that there are more customer complaints than you had when you were working in the office. Bottom line is if you want to work from home, then you need to discipline yourself to avoid being complacent and unproductive.


It Doesn’t Feel like Working

Traditionally companies measure productivity in its employees when the manager or supervisor takes a peek and see their workers grinding with their daily tasks. However, there is only one way to measure productivity and that’s through real results. If the data doesn’t show that your company is making more dimes from your employees per hour spent in the office, then that means they’re doing everything, except working. This becomes more difficult when you send your employees home and make them work from their bedrooms, yet still expect them to be productive.


When you feel like working from home doesn’t feel like real work, then motivate yourself with your salary, bonuses, benefits and most of all being accountable for producing results to show your boss that you’re worth all that they pay you for.


You Control Your Time


This myth never gets old, but while you can pull a night owl shift and finish up a project at 2 am, not everyone feels like doing business at those hours. Maybe if you live on the other side of the world, then your 9 pm Singapore time translates to 9 am Eastern Standard Time – which is what BPO (business process outsourcing) companies do in Asia. But if you live right here in the United States, then you can’t just binge Netflix whenever you feel like it. No, you’ll have to work on a specified schedule (usually the traditional 9 – 5) to keep your business alive, as you’ll need to be in contact with your customers during regular US business hours.


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