The world is in shambles, and you’re beginning to think that summer is canceled for the year. Cities have only started to reopen, but with a plethora of pre-emptive safety, checks to make sure that the staff and customers are safe.


However, your summer is not necessarily over! Good news is scarce during this pandemic, but we’re bringing one of them directly to you. Just like restaurants, bars are beginning to reopen.


One of the many wonders of having bars open is not just the fact that booze is available. But the fact that they’re bringing the masses a new type of service!


Cocktails to-go.


Strap in and prepare your wallet as we show you how, where, and why you should get them!


Why Should You Order a Cocktail


Not only do cocktails embody the spirit of summer, but it can also help you unwind. The city-wide lockdown is stressful enough, along with work online and the stress that COVID-19 brings. Trust me; you need a drink.


Cocktails can also help you cool down and relax with your partner. It can be a great conversation starter and could help both of you with your heavy emotional and mental baggage.


Top Areas



A relatively new bar that opened around valentines, Palmetto serves one of the best cocktails New York has to offer.


For Palmetto, this isn’t just a matter of raising morale and serving to-go drinks; it’s also a way for them to be known and get engagement.


It’s their goal to have both a social outlet and a perfect way to relax and unwind. However, they recommend not drinking in public as it may jeopardize the small business’s ability to serve!




If you’re stuck in your home without a blender and the ability to make cocktails, rest easy knowing that Yatenga is here. Not only do they serve to-go cocktails, but they can also deliver them right at your doorstep!


Their frozen piña coladas, margaritas, and premium wines are a fantastic way to sit back and relax. They also have downloadable coloring pages if you want to do something while you drink!




If you have pirate blood running through your veins, you’re going to love Donna!


They’re highly dedicated to rum and rum-based cocktails, and their frozen brancolada is a classic! They also do deliveries, pickups, and to-go orders.


If you want something to snack on while having an ice-cold drink, they have 25 cent bags of tortilla chips. With a price as low as that, you’d be crazy not to pick up a free bag.


The Commodore


When people mention The Commodore, we usually think about late-night fried chicken and booze. Meeting and having the best night out with people you’ve never met before and woke up tired but with fond memories.


Now, The Commodore has an option to get delivery anytime between noon to 11:00 PM. Not only do they sell cocktails and beer, but they also have their famous chicken sandwich!

You can also check them out while going on a jog or after doing groceries through their window takeout set up on their main branch.


Playa Betty’s


Where else can you buy entire pitchers of frozen Palomas and other cocktails for delivery? With a phone call and a few clicks, you can buy a boatload of cocktails right to your doorstep!

Don’t miss this chance; because of their large order portions, you can stock up your fridge with liters of cocktails and frozen Palomas!


Empellón Al Pastor


Fond memories of margaritas, tacos, and an enjoyable night out with friends encompass Emellon al Pastor. Although you won’t be able to revisit and enjoy a wild night out, you can still get their frozen cocktails and tacos.


You can satiate your taco cravings with delivery. However, cocktails are only available for pick up and to-go orders for now.


El Jefe – Modern Mexican Grill


No matter how good you are at making cocktails at home, you’re probably not whipping up Hennessy slushies and other frozen cocktails with any consistency. El Jefe has you covered.

You cannot only out their amazing Hennessy slushies, but you can also try out their vast array of frozen drinks and cocktails! Both of their branches serve orders for takeout, and the drive to their location is worth every mile.


The pandemic has everyone too tense, don’t forget to sit back and relax with a smooth and relaxing cocktail in hand.

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