Keeping your immune system healthy is very important during these times. With everything going on, there are a lot of factors that can weaken your immune system – we’re talking about stress and anxiety brought about by this pandemic.


But now is not the time for your immune system to falter as it is once a line of defense against this deadly virus. We try to be as healthy as possible by eating healthy, drinking vitamins, exercising, and trying to be as stress-free as possible.


But, did you know that there’s a simple way of keeping your immune system healthy? By just drinking this liquid, you can reap off a lot of benefits. And yes, we are talking about WATER!


Water gives us endless benefits. It can do wonders for your body. As an immune system booster, here are some of the ways that water boost your immune system:


Water Helps in Oxygenating Your Blood


Water aids your blood and carries plenty of oxygen to your cells. If your cells have enough oxygen, all your body systems will function effectively. When all your muscles are working on their best, your immune system will follow suit.


Water Helps Flush Toxins


Water helps in removing toxins in your body. Drinking a lot of water can help your body avoid the build of toxins. These toxins can harm your immune system.

While water is known to allow cells to take in nutrients and oxygen, it is also useful in expelling waste products. Specifically, it will help your kidney in removing these toxins from your body.


Water Helps in Lymph Production


Lymph plays a significant role when talking about immunity. The lymph is the one responsible for carrying water and nutrients to the blood. As mentioned earlier, the blood took these to the cells of the body.

It is also responsible for carrying cells from the thymus and bone marrow throughout the body. These cells include white blood cells. The lymph is also responsible for removing toxins from the blood.


What role does water play? Water is needed by your body to produce lymph. Not enough consumption of water will affect lymph production. Without the lymph, white blood cells and other immune cells will have difficulty traveling to fight disease.


Water Keeps Your Eyes, Mouth and Throat Hydrated


Drinking enough water guarantees moisture for your eyes and mouth. These parts of your body need to be as moist as they can be. With enough moisture, it can help these body parts repel dirt, dust, and other chemicals that might cause infection.


However, claims saying that drinking water can prevent the coronavirus disease have already been proven wrong.


Water Helps Digestion


Drinking water can help you with your digestion. Your digestive system is also responsible for the absorption of nutrients in your body. And it would be best if you had adequate nutrients to keep your immune system healthy.


If you’re not drinking enough, you will feel constipated and will more likely develop digestive problems.


Water Helps Prevent Chronic Disease


Consistently drinking enough amounts of water proves to have long-term benefits. Illness and conditions can be treated or prevented by drinking eight to ten glasses of water every day.


Water helps lubricate joints; thus, it helps in preventing arthritis and joint problems. It can also help prevent leukemia and lymphoma since water can help ensure that your body produces enough blood cells and immune cells.


Water also helps your brain in producing serotonin, a chemical that can help prevent depression. It also helps in producing melatonin that can aid you with your insomnia.


It’s incredible how water serves as a magical elixir that offers us a lot of benefits. It is readily available in our homes, so there is no excuse not to drink plenty of it.


You can also add lemon to your water. Lemon contains a lot of Vitamin C that can help boost your immune system and fight common colds. It also helps in digestion and detoxification.

You can even have some hot tea. Drinking tea is connected to the improvement of muscle endurance and reducing the chance of heart attack.


The hospital is the last place we want to be right now. If the simple act of religiously drinking water every day can prevent us from being there, then it is highly advisable to do so.


Drinking enough water is a simple step to disease prevention. So, have you had enough water today?

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