The City of New York has a lot to offer to anyone – man, woman, or child. It is home to some of the best museums, alluring restaurants and beautiful parks in the world. Be warned though, the hustle and bustle of city life here are not for little children and taking them for a stroll, or watch the city come alive at night by cozy cafes can be intimidating to your kids. But we do encourage you parents to explore the city with your kids, as it inspires wonder in them. Continue reading this blog post and get tips on how to have a fun-filled family-friendly New York City trip.


American Museum of Natural History


Even if you’re not a nerd you would be thrilled to stroll down the halls of the American Museum of Natural History. The realistic looking 1:1 scale model of dinosaurs showcased in this museum – which even includes the apex predator of the Mesozoic Era, the Tyrannosaurus Rex or T- Rex – and the Hayden Planetarium are just among the thrills any family could enjoy here. But you may want to hold your kids close once you’ll see the 94ft-long and 21,000 lbs. of foam and fiberglass life-size blue whale hanging from the ceiling, as it might either make them afraid or awestruck, or both.


New Victory Theater


It is said that New York is the modern day Greek tragedy play hub and it’s quite the fact, especially with the amazing scripts and talented stage actors you’ll see on Broadway shows – it’s actually one of the main reasons tourists visit New York City. However, the tickets, lengthy hours and your boisterous children are never an ideal combination to look forward to when wanting to attend such events. But there is one theater in Broadway that’s perfect for families and kids, it’s called The New Victory Theater!


Don’t forget to look up for their play brochures first before bringing the children with you, because each one has an age-appropriate suggestion on them. Whether they will do a play with puppets, fairy tales or magic shows you can be assured that their performance has Broadway quality, plus it’s super affordable too!


Central Park


You can’t talk about New York City without mentioning Central Park, a 3.42-million square meter lush greenery beloved by all. Central Park’s annual budget for horticulture, maintenance and operations is more than $4.5 million USD, it’s no wonder the place is so beautiful all year round! Don’t miss out on the fun at the Wollman Rink, because it will delight you no matter what season it is of the year. During winter it’s a great ice skating rink, while in the summer they turn it into the Victorian Gardens amusement park.


The Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre will be the eye candy for your kids! This Medieval-looking cottage will automatically inspire your kids’ imagination of fairy tale stories and ancient folklore, especially once they’ll start rolling out their productions.


We hope you have learned how to explore New York City with your kids with these ideas listed above!

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