Apple TV Guide – The Shows and Movies You Need to Start Watching Now


What makes Apple an incredible company is the amount of effort and care they take into things when it comes to catering to their consumers’ needs.


This is seen just in the optimization of the iPhone OS and the Macintosh line, but it can also be seen in many different things. One of which is the apps and services that come with their devices.

An example of those services is Apple TV+, and although it was released as a physical product in early 2006-2007, they’ve chosen to revamp it in the form of a movie streaming platform. With exclusive shows and content, you’re going to need to know how to use the app and what movies to watch in said platform.


Here are the movies that you have to keep an eye on and more in this Apple TV+ guide!


Apple TV+ and How To Use It


Apple TV is basically Apple’s response to the ongoing surge of popularity of online streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu+. Although it is still in the works and further optimizations and changes are badly needed, we are reasonably sure that it will eventually become par with popular streaming services or become even better!


Now, to access the Apple TV+, you’re going to go to the TV app. Next, go to the watch now tab and scroll down until you find the Apple TV+ icon.


The placement of the icon may change from time to time. However, this beats having to navigate through Apple’s TV interface to find what you’re looking for. You’ll find that the shows will be sorted by genre ranging from comedy, drama, family fun, and more.


The website version of the app lacks a lot of the quality of life features that the mobile app has, such as skip intros and the next episode suggestions. Despite all of that, the future of Apple TV+ is bright, and updates will only improve.


Movies and Shows on Apple TV+


A streaming service will only be as excellent as the movies and shows accessible for the viewers to watch. This is why variety, quality, and popularity are the keys to winning over consumers’ interest.


It doesn’t matter if your interface is fantastic, and the price of your service is low if the content on your streaming site is terrible.


Apple TV+ has a total of 34 shows and films that are currently scheduled to be on the site as of right now, filled with original and exclusive content. Although that doesn’t seem like a lot, Apple is also planning to add new content every month for the viewers to enjoy.


TV Shows


Here are some of the TV Shows that are currently available along with their respective genres if you want to give them a quick watch!


  • Little Voice – Comedy/Drama
  • Greatness Code – Documentary
  • Central Park (From the creators of Bob’s Burgers) – Animated Sitcom
  • Defending Jacob – Mystery
  • Trying – Comedy
  • Dear – Documentary
  • Home – Documentary
  • Home Before Dark – Mystery/Drama
  • Fraggle Rock: Rock On! – Comedy
  • Oprah’s Book Club – Interview/Documentary
  • Snoopy in Space – Animation
  • See – Action/Drama

There plenty more exciting TV shows for you to discover on the app, we’ll leave some for you to find!




From documentary films to dramas, the movies on Apple TV+ are all exciting, to say the least. Although they currently only have seven movies, these movies aren’t anything to scoff at!


  • Beastie Boys Story – Film Documentary
  • The Elephant Queen – Film Documentary
  • Hala – American Drama Film
  • The Banker -American Drama Film
  • Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth – Animated Film
  • Dads – Film Documentary
  • Greyhound – War/Drama

With many more movies coming to Apple TV+, make sure to give these a watch while waiting for more content to come!


Recent Trailers


These trailers are the most recent that Apple has released for Apple TV+. These are going to be published this August, so make sure to keep an eye on them!


Ted Lasso – This is Apple’s latest comedy series featuring Jason Sudeikis as he fulfills Ted Lasso, a college football coach with no experience, as he is trusted to lead an English soccer team.

Boys State – An American documentary film revolves around 1000 teenage boys attending Boys/Girls State (a leadership camp) in Texas as they experience the challenges of politics and campaign for the highest role in the office, the governor.


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