Gardening has become more and more inclusive as time went on. Buying plants has never been easier than it is now and that has sparked the interest of people all around the world.

Indoor gardening has garnered a lot of interest especially because of the recent pandemic and people now want to try out indoor gardening for themselves.


Indoor gardening has always been a craze and it has only received more recognition because people are forced to stay at home. The idea that you have not only greenery in your home but also readily available and fresh herbs are some of the reasons why people are intrigued.


However, buying and keeping a plant is different from actually keeping one alive. And you’re going to need this guide if you want to make sure that your plants stay alive.


General Knowledge And Things To Consider


Now, as tempting as it is to just buy herbs and plants online or in markets now and attempting to grow an indoor garden, hear us out. There are a few things you have to take into account before you start.


Not everyone is blessed with a balcony or window that gets ample sunlight. A lot of you probably live somewhere urban and don’t have the luxury of having a balcony. This is why making sure what plants you should buy is important.


Look up the light requirement for each plant and how often you have to water it. A plant that doesn’t need to be watered for more than twice a week should be good as a starter.


Indoor Herb Kits


Putting your herb in a pot and leaving it on a window isn’t how you do it. To not only keep your herbs alive but also properly maintain them without hassle, you have to get a great gardening kit in your house.

These herb gardening kit are not only worth every cent, but they’re also the best of the best:


Smart Garden 3


The biggest hassle with growing herbs in a huge city such as New York is that most apartments or homes don’t have enough sunlight available in their kitchens. This gardening kit aims to compensate for the lack of sunlight.


This gardening kit doesn’t JUST feature a built-in grow light to combat that lack of sunlight, it also has a self-watering function! This makes forgetting to water your herbs daily a thing of the past and makes indoor gardening incredibly easy.


Click and Grow Smart Garden 9


This is the larger rendition of the previous click and grows with the same aesthetic. Looking more like an elongated basket, this kit has LED grow lights, custom soil, and also has a self-watering container.

What makes this different though is the fact that it grows a wider range of herbs and even some vegetables as well!


Growing cherry tomatoes, basil, and green-leaf-lettuce also have the seeds of said vegetables.


AeroGarden Harvest


What makes this kit unique is the fact that ist self-watering, has LED, growing light, and is a completely soil-free kit. You can control the LED light as well using the auto timer!

Along with the kit are also Genovese basil, curly parsley, and dill seed pods to start with.


Indoor Gardening Kits for Microgreens and Seeds


Herbs aren’t the only thing that you can grow inside. Microgreens or plants that are small in proportion have variety and are delectable when grown correctly! They also grow fairly quickly.

Here are some of the kits you should get if you want to grow microgreens for yourself:


Chef’n Microgreens Garden


This kit is a great starter for people who have little to no knowledge of how to grow microgreens. It comes with soil and non-GMO seeds that were directly from Seattle Seeds. The package also comes with instructions on how to grow each seed.


The variety of greens that you can grow is amazing and you can even grow difficult microgreens with ease.


Back to the Roots-Water Garden


A more straightforward and simple aquaponic. This is a great combination of aesthetics and sustainability. The fish tank below the greens provides a lot of nutrients for your plants.

This kit comes with a three month supply of wheatgrass, microgreens, and even a beta fish that you can test out! This kit also works for herbs which give it variety.


Sunblaster Mini Greenhouse


This is the perfect starting point for your humidity loving seed and herbs! Some urban cities have deadly dry winter seasons that can usually kill seeds. However, this solves that pesky problem.

The kit comes with a 10×20 tray, humidity dome, and a high output fluorescent grow light! There’s also an added reflector that can mount directly onto the humidity dome.

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