Here Are The Top 5 Tips For Post-Lock-down Runs


Going outside early in the morning on a jog is a part of the routing of many people all around the world. However, ever since the pandemic happened and cities went on lock-down, everyone, including non-runners, has been trapped inside their homes. It’s safe to say that everyone, jogging, or going on a quick run will do wonders for both your physical and mental health. But, people are still paranoid because the coronavirus is still in their city and or country.


The fear is justified. However, experts say that going on a run or a walk is probably the safest thing you can do outside! That doesn’t mean you should be lenient, though.


So here’s how to run safely with COVID-19 and how to stay safe outside with the new normal!


Social Distancing


It’s better to be safe than sorry! Going out on a jog early or at times when streets aren’t busy is vital. That way, avoiding people would be a lot easier.

If you see fellow runners and people taking a walk, give them space. At least 10-12 feet is the safest distance to ensure that you aren’t inhaling possible sneezes and cough droplets.

Always staying on the move will help a lot as well. Don’t stop to chat with a friend, and as much as possible, go on solo jogs. It might be lonely, but you can hop on a call with a friend to talk while you both go out on the run.


As difficult as it sounds, jogging alone is still the safest way to go outside and unwind. It may seem lonely at first, but with the right music, you’ll get used to it very quickly!


Wear a Mask


This is not just protection for yourself. Think of it as a common courtesy to those around you, especially if you’re running with a lot of people. You never know if you might be carrying the virus and are asymptomatic, so you should do this to protect the people around you. However, you can remove the mask if you’re running alone and at least 6 feet away from other runners. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a surgical mask or an N95 mask, either. Even a washable cloth mask or bandanna can work wonders. It may be uncomfortable with all the huffing and puffing, so try getting a breathable face cover. Wearing a mask is better than spreading the virus.


You can try looking for a cloth that can negate or repel sweat as well, so you don’t get the fabric on your mask wet.


Avoid Touching Shared Objects


This isn’t limited to touching other people’s earphones or bottles, either. Anything in public could be riddled with germs or with remnants of COVID-19. Everything could be compromised, for all you know.

Treat touching things like a game of hot potato. Another person could’ve touched anything that you can touch. Handrails, water fountains, benches, and even streetlight buttons! This isn’t the time to be intimate with your park’s vending machine.


Give as little contact as possible with things in public. Whatever you can do to avoid touching things, do it.


Know Your Route


Remember when we said that you should avoid people as much as possible? This is where that comes into play. Fewer people = less risk of you getting infected. Going on Google Maps or Street-view can help you plan out on your route. Pick the streets that aren’t too sketchy but also ones that aren’t crowded. Examine the area and do a little trial and error during your jogs to find the best route.


Running into people is inevitable, though, and you should be ready for those encounters. If you do run into people walking or having a jog, communicate with them. This is to avoid running into each other and compromising your health! Make broad gestures or communicate verbally; this isn’t the time to signal with flags or do charades.


Start Slow – Warm-up and Stretch!


Talk it slow! Your body isn’t used to run yet. Many months of quarantine has taken its toll, so you should ease yourself into running. Start slow and gradually increase your speed and distance with every consecutive jog. Stretching before and after is essential as well! This can reduce how sore your body will feel and make sure you don’t get injured. Proper stretching is needed every before and after, don’t slack on your warm-ups and stretches!


Running can get your mental and physical health in tip-top shape. Make sure to be safe and adequately disinfect every time you go out on the run!

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